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Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Where was the 'deliberate ram' in this video Daily Mail

See this video. Why two abreast?

So why are these cyclists two abreast where the road has a central no overtaking area marking? Do cyclists have to ride two abreast and impose their speed on others? As for deliberate? Where on earth is that in this video? Yes the overtake was deliberate and far too close.

Was there a collision that the driver was aware of? The noise of the cyclists coming off happened after the pass.

The problem is that cyclists are officially advised to use their bodies to stop anyone trying to pass them. See more here Whoever dreamed that up clearly didn't realise he's talking about vulnerable humans using their bodies to obstruct other humans in big machinery and here is the result.

Will the Mail demand a cancellation of this dangerous instruction and a new rule that cyclists must not ride two abreast? If not, then don't piously promote these videos and support the scenario that caused it.

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