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Saturday, 14 November 2015

Serious Collision Investigation Units? OMG!

Look at this story about a straight forward fatal road accident where an unprotected human on a flimsy frame and wheels got hit by a large piece of moving metal and died. See it here. 

For a start it's no longer an 'accident', so that loads of money can be wasted in searching for a culprit and someone to prosecute. So we now only have 'collisions.'

What is astounding is that 'cash strapped' police forces are maintaining units to investigate accidents at all. The cause, as in this case, is often self evident and where it isn't immediately self evident, then let's just accept it and move on?

PC Jim Lovell, from the Serious Collision Investigation Unit at Three Mile Cross, said: “I would like to hear from anyone who was in the vicinity on Tuesday night and either witnessed the collision or saw either of the vehicles before it happened."

That's the sort of appeal we hear on Crimewatch after a murder or robbery isn't it? It was a bloody accident for goodness sake.

It's not as if these investigations are going to prevent another such accident. All they do is to, very expensively, look for someone to blame and to prosecute. In my day we just accepted the reporting beat officer's report and if there were anything in that that would indicate wrong doing, then a summons was also added. Now police forces are sustaining special units to hound drivers, and some are even called detectives too with all the perks and expenses that detectives enjoy. 

How can police forces plead that they're cash strapped when they are using up cash to turn accidents into crimes? Let's have these coppers back on the beat and mostly to be interested in crime and violence where most of us want them. 

Look at this piety:  

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