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Sunday, 29 November 2015

North Yorkshire Police Must Lie about Fatal 4

The total piety of that specialist breed, the road traffic officers actually has them believing that their work, attacking, prosecuting and harassing drivers is cost effective and just.

They do not understand that, without drivers, our economy and they, cease to exist and we all die. Drivers are not the enemy of the State but just ordinary people with limited ability and means struggling to keep society going.

After 300 billion driver miles a year, there is less death on the road from all causes than from accidents in the home, from strangulation, hanging and self harm but by the multi billions being expended by a road safety industry of profiteers and anti drivers, you would never believe that most of this attention on drivers is totally out of proportion and counter productive.

The traffic officers, like their whole corrupt industry, are incapable of looking outside their bubble. They cannot see that the damage and hampering of major infrastructure is costing so much that we are killing more people from the economics of it, as well as directly from false road safety policy which focuses on profit more than accident causes.

In these tweets you can see an example of a traffic Ch.Ins caught up in this bubble and it hasn't occurred to him that none of this is altruistic at all. How much do these machines cost? Who profits? What is the cost of stopping all these drivers? How many people actually do die only because a driver was drugged? See my letter to a Minister

And again. the Fatal 4 lie is included in his message. See the lie hereThis senior officer knows that 'speeding' causes nothing and so the Fatal 4 is a lie to promote the speeding industry and for no other reason. Fatal 4 does not include dangerous and careless driving that are undoubtedly fatal so that is how corrupt and dangerous these people are really prepared to be.

I challenge Ch Insp Phil Vickers to be honest about road safety if he possibly can be.

Economically society has no need for this breed of officer who really does see drivers as a priority of police expenditure. It is about time other police realised that, when the economy suffers, they go short of funds yet they have a branch which is part of a counter productive no cost benefit industry of vast sums that could be better spent elsewhere in the police.   

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