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Monday, 9 November 2015

Police tell students 'speeding' doesn't cause accidents.

Edmund King
I have been banging on for ages that 'speeding' cannot possibly be a cause of anything but driving too fast for the circumstances ( dangerous driving) does cause accidents. See understanding speed here. The last Lincolnshire Chief Constable confirmed my statements on this but ,if in doubt, why is there no offence of causing death by speeding? And what else can be concluded from rule 125 of the Highway Code which confirms that it's driving too fast below the limits that causes accidents.  

That being the case, why so much focus on speeding via a multi million pound road safety industry at the expense of totally ignoring some accident causes and a lack of attention to others? This lack of focus for profit on accident causes is actually killing people.

So obviously, the coercion of attending speed awareness courses for cash and no points, is simply exploiting thousands of perfectly safe drivers who have fallen for confusing and inviting road layouts, inappropriate speed limits and or inadequate signage. See more on this here

So why have profiteering from companies such as AA Drive Tech for a situation set up and allowed to continue, by the authorities, thus feeding the profiteers? 

This week a national radio presenter, with no CV in road safety at all, tweeted 'I loved my speed awareness course today with Mohammed and Paul. Absolutely fascinating. Best afternoon detention ever' And later, in discussion with me, on their program, demanded that all drivers should be sent on these courses. Eh? but who's to pay for this? The drivers? Some £3.33 billion from the economy? How many lives would we save if this money went into the NHS, the police who are suffering shortages, fire and rescue and ambulance instead. Don't depend on the Road Safety Industry-especially the ardent and short sighted traffic cops- to suggest this. 

I have already criticised other media people for becoming sycophantic over these fraudulent courses and then, dangerously use their influence, to promote this scam with no CV whatsoever in the matters of road safety, driving and prosecution. See an example here with Richard Madeley. So brainwashed are they, they now see themselves as experts in road safety, driving and prosecution..

Edmund King of the AA loved the tweet so much he re-tweeted it.Of course he would. He's a director of the firm that ran the course. I told the listeners about this. How brazen Edmund is after already having been exposed nationally for his vested interest in the scam. See King exposed here.  

When I pointed out that the courses do not tell the truth and tell their students that their actions couldn't cause an accident, the presenter told the nation that one of the instructors had been honest and told them that speeding cannot cause accidents.

So therefor the Fatal 4 campaign, which includes 'speeding' as one of the 4, is a lie then. What better example is there of speeding being promoted, for profit, when dangerous driving and careless driving, which certainly do cause fatalities, are not even included in the list?  In fact police even exploit bereaved to perpetuate the profitable lie. See it here.

Broadcasters and journalists would serve us all better if they attacked road safety profiteering instead of promoting coercion and fraud. At the very least they shouldn't preach to the nation on a matter for which they are not qualified.

See Are the courses legal?

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