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Friday, 30 October 2015

Colin Murray on Slavery.

Can I ask Colin Murray not to be subjective when talking about race issues? I do understand that, to remain a broadcaster nowadays, it's not possible to always be objective. 

In the discussion about black football managers, Colin said that the black race were the only people to be subject to slavery in recent history. That is wrong. 

Let's start by defining slavery and getting it into perspective. It used to be about ancient Egypt or the Romans where, being strapped to large machines and masonry or shackled to the oars of a galley and whipped until dead and replaced by the next poor soul, so how does that compare with being with family picking cotton in Alabama or as house servants in Georgia?

At that time, my English ancestors were being treated much worse and exploited too in much colder conditions by the very same aristocracy. Hungry kiddies in mines or up chimneys or in middens. Men with family and responsibilities press ganged away on meagre rations and pay never to be seen or heard of again whilst their families were left to starve. So no Colin, slavery wasn't just confined to blacks at all. But even then, much of the slave traders were black too as indeed they are even today. 

My ancestors  were not behind slavery or the potato famine in Ireland either for that matter as they were suffering just as badly too. 

I know that Talk Sport are honest and Colin is an honest man. If he cannot be objective and honest as a broadcaster then he should avoid commenting at all if he isn't to be just another subjective propagandist.

I would love a reply.

Best wishes.

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