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Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Another costly road safety bun-fight for Road Safety Industry self promotion

Oh how the Great and The Good of policing and the multi billion pound Road Safety For Profit Industry have flocked to the latest road safety bun-fight at public expense of course. Run by an outfit called T.I.S.P.O.L This is their site here.   Based in the UK of course where it seems that for road safety money is no object. See some of it here.  Partly funded by the EU, that means us folks, and presumably the rest funded by the UK tax payer one way or another.

Not one to miss rubbing shoulders with top people and ex's paid self promotion, was of course Edmund King  See his interest in speeding profit here

But look at the police salivating at King's Poll, by the vested interests of the uninformed, to produce the results on speed cameras and speed awareness courses, (in the Tweet below), to keep them all in business.

A classic example of the money go round of the speeding profiteers producing dubious justification for the Speeding Industry to cite and thus round and round the money goes at the expense of genuine road safety.

Notwithstanding that, given King's and the AA's fiscal interest in speeding, thus morally disqualifying him from any reputable  platform, he never the less was invited to peddle his wares at the TISPOL2015 conference.

Of course we all should accept speed cameras as part of a toolbox so, that only 77% said they did in the AA poll, is already an indictment but the question should be 'do you accept the improper use of speed cameras?' I doubt if the answer would be 77% saying 'yes' to that?

Likewise 'do you support coercion to accept guilt?' or 'Do you support speed awareness courses that don't teach the truth?' Or 'Do you accept profiteering from speeding tickets?' Or 'Would you rather not get the ticket in the first place than be coerced onto a profitable dishonest course?' Then I am sure not many would have voted positively to that either.

What is a shock is that any police group think that road safety and prosecution policy should be based on the polling by profiteers and vested interests of the uninformed with no CV in the subject.  

How much has this cost us? Why not FOI your police force to find out who attended and what was their total expenses and salary cost in doing so?

Here are some more Tweets on the Conference.

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