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Tuesday, 20 October 2015

North Yorkshire Police cannot acknowledge 'Speeding' or Dangerous Driving

In this following tweet by North Yorks Police Traffic officers, they refuse to define dangerous driving or speeding and yet revert to non legal terms that confuse the reader instead.

'In the three years to 2010, excessive or inappropriate speed was responsible for 24% of all road deaths in North Yorkshire.' #TrafficCops

How can it be good for road safety to confuse accident causes, like dangerous driving, with non accident causes like 'speeding'? Do see a full explanation Here.

We have been exposing this stunt for years and ask that only the legal states of speed are cited to avoid confusion. There are only three and they adequately cover all aspects of speed accident causes. No-one can disagree with pure physics and claim that speeding can cause an event when dangerous driving is the cause. 

It's clearly a deliberate use of confusing language to promote the Speeding Industry. The result is that dangerous and careless driving are excluded from Fatal 4 campaign, drivers at 100 MPH and more are often not charged with dangerous driving until they kill someone, and why Stats 20 forms include speeding as an accident cause when it isn't, See it here and genuine and real accident causes are actually ignored, even denied, to focus on speeding revenue.

Don't Yorks and other police care about genuine road safety? Don't they want to be truthful and honest about speed?

Let's just be told about either 'speeding' or dangerous driving as appropriate. 'Driving too fast' is an element of dangerous driving so even that is an appropriate alternative. We will understand. 

Let's be honest about speed. 

It seems NYP have a record of confusing their public about road safety and not beyond using bereaved to do so too. See here.

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