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Thursday, 29 October 2015

Why we wouldn't recommend Paul Dawson Driving School to anyone.

A self evident principle being ignored that results in much death and injury. Reduce the need to overtake= less overtake attempts=less head on overtake crashes. Why is that being ignored by the authorities and Road Safety Industry?

The following sequence of videos are astonishing in that they show a driving school, presumably on a lesson, teaching a pupil how to drive at 40 MPH on the A 52 trunk road, in a continuous and clear 60 limit, ignoring the resulting tail-back which is driving without due care.

Not only does this type of driving result in a need to overtake and the subsequent overtake crashes that all too frequently result, if it is a learner, the pupil isn't being taught to drive properly with no deviation in side roads, also relieving A52 drivers, over some 9 miles that I had witnessed. They may have pootled along a lot further than that. How is that good for a learner?

The point is Paul, if the student isn't ready to drive on trunk roads, take them off them until they have become much more proficient and competent. Industrial estates in the area are ideal for new drivers. 

Of course there may have been a fault with the car. There was certainly a fault somewhere it seems.

We certainly don't recommend Paul Dawson Driving School for locals of East Lindsey. Here is their site to avoid.

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