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Monday, 12 October 2015

The false police form that feeds the Speeding Industry profiteers.

Let's get one thing clear. It is a scientific fact that 'speeding', that is to exceed an arbitrarily selected number on a pole, cannot cause anything to happen. Physics could not support the notion that, if a driver exceeds a number, there will be a reaction and consequence. 
Don't believe me? Then check it out yourself with physicists. In the meantime please note that, over the years I have been explaining this, not one official authority, including the police, have been able to deny the point; even though it goes right to the heart of speed cameras, speed awareness courses and such things as 'Speed Kills!' or The Fatal 4 initiative. See a full explanation.

Speed related offences are only 'Speeding', dangerous driving and careless driving. Driving too fast is an element of dangerous driving and because it happens at any speed, including below the limit, it cannot be 'speeding'. This is why there is no such offence as causing death or injury by speeding. 

The Transport Select Committee
 are currently asking for submissions to their inquiry on speed cameras and the following submission to them is an example of a completely false premise about 'speeding'.

Re Stats19/20 'causation data greatly understates the significance of speeding in accident causation because officers are reluctant to tick the “likely” or “possible” boxes unless they were confident that their assessment would stand up in court*. 

Except that we know that speeding cannot be an 'accident causation'  at all. 
Stats 19 form
Here are the instructions to accident reporting officers on 'speeding'

Actual Stats 19/20 instructions are: '306 Exceeding speed limit Driver/rider caused, or contributed to the accident, by exceeding the posted speed limit. This code should also be used in cases where the actions of another road user were the immediate cause of the accident but a speeding vehicle also contributed to causing the collision. Includes exceeding variable speed limits (eg. on motorways) and speed limits based on vehicle type (including towing).'

The above is totally false and below, they're deliberately mixing 'too fast'(dangerous driving) with 'speeding' Driving too fast is dangerous driving at any speed, above and below the limits.

'Use this code (not code 307) if driver/rider was exceeding the speed limit and travelling too fast for the conditions. 

307 Travelling too fast for conditions Driver/rider was travelling within the speed limit, but their speed was not appropriate for the road conditions and/or vehicle type (including towing), and contributed to the accident'

So police officers are being instructed to submit false statements about accident causes.

And this is the basis of so much profitable prosecution of perfectly safe drivers and the coercive Speed Awareness courses that do not tell drivers the truth either.

But it is also highly dangerous too. When dangerous and careless driving, which do cause accidents, are excluded from the fatal 4 initiative and speeding is included, what better example is there of ignoring real accident causes for profitable non accident causes? See here

How much will it take to get this form corrected when there is so much profit being made from it? 

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