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Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Drivers are jailed because of society's failure.

Apologies for the brevity and bluntness of the following tweets but Twitter only allows 140 characters to make a point.

The definition of road cycling is included (On these pages) of cycling deaths. 2014-2015-2016.

Road cycling is literally an exposed person, high off the ground, at unnatural speed, mixing & mingling with large essential fast moving machinery operated by complete strangers of very diverse ability,skill and mental capacity.

By definition it kills people

The primary cause of a cycling casualty is....cycling.

The authorities insist in analysing cycling casualties from the wrong place and this is very unfair to everyone; especially cyclists and drivers. For political and 'common purpose' reasons the politicians are ignoring a highly dangerous killer concept to promote cycling and then blaming drivers for their own total lack of responsibility. 

Drivers this could be you.  

See what the above report ignored 

UK's thirty five million drivers must start protesting loudly. 

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