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Thursday, 10 March 2016

This gutless QC cyclist allowed to invent a case at public cost.

I have already explained why 'dangerous driving' is actually based on, very often hostile, subjective opinion. It can be found in this piece for example.  But also the question of a safe passing distance of cyclists is also totally subjective too. See this very obvious flawed thinking by Highway Code

Now we have the case of a keen cycling QC,  Martin Porter QC, taking advantage of the Legal Aid 
Martin Porter
Martin Porter
system, and even though the police saw no evidence to support prosecution, he decided to take private action because a motorist only gave him 'an arms length' of space.  The Jury threw it out after only 20 minutes, thus corroborating the police and CPS's view.
 See the story here,

I am amazed that a QC, who actually makes money by acting for cyclists, should've even qualified for Legal Aid for what was clearly a vexatious prosecution. 

Didn't the court and its judge understand that Mr Porter needn't cycle at all? Roads are dangerous for cyclists and traffic does get close because roads are not vast. If it's so frightening Mr Porter, stop cycling.  

Now the floodgates are open for loads more such public funded prosecutions, instigated by cyclists like Porter, who don't want to put their money where their mouth is, to pursue their imagined grievances.

So the first thing such cyclists will do is contact Mr Porter to take their cases won't they? Nice work if you can get it.

Cyclists take note: The Judge could've refused his application.

We need to ensure that the Ministry of Justice doesn't allow any more of this nonsense. How could this judge have made this decision?

Why not email the Ministry of Justice and query this payment?

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