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Monday, 20 January 2014

Cyclists luv head camming drivers but hate their own medicine.

 In response to the cycle lobby's penchant for videoing drivers in case they do something wrong and then posting every sort of driver error and failing, I have lately been inclined to download instances from my own CCTV of poor cycling.
Now let's be clear. I do not go out to look for poor cycling. My CCTV is for my own protection because we now have subjective Fixed Penalty for careless driving and I advise all drivers to use them for their own protection likewise. But when I see examples of inconsiderate cyclists using their bodies and bikes to dominate and bully car drivers and riding badly I reserve the right to put it on our website.
The reaction of the ardent cycling buffs is absolutely predictable, nasty & typical of their group. Confined to ignoring the actual events recorded and published, they mostly attack my driving as they perceive it.  
It is the driver's judgement call as to what is a safe passing clearance and if effected without collision, is corroboration of the driver's judgement and skill. That no drivers collided with the cyclists in my videos is a testament to their patience and good driving skill and not as the cycling deniers would have it. See the videos here
It's about time drivers were credited with their patience and care in dealing with cyclists and since cyclists do hamper and delay drivers, as well as facing drivers with a very profound legal liability too, it is hardly surprising when drivers do not perceive cycling in a positive light.   

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  1. Keith, you obviously don't watch our videos in enough detail. Those of us that regularly post also regularly post videos of outstanding driving. Obviously regular day stuff is kind of boring so we don't upload a load of those because no one wants to watch them.