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Thursday, 2 January 2014

Who's paying Rod King MBE & 20s Plenty?

Hi Mr King,
As you know I am very opposed to your campaign. I am a totally voluntary worker for genuine road safety. I receive no income whatsoever and indeed cover all the costs.
I note, in contrast, that you are supported by donations. Indeed to the extent that you can accept credit card payment too.
Speed camera manufacturers make a lot of money from bogus road safety, as do the companies that run the Speed Awareness Courses too, so yes, there is a lot of pious profiteering from bad speed limiting and the prosecution of perfectly safe drivers too. I am so sorry that the Queen has been talked into awarding you an MBE with those background circumstances and indeed that you wouldn’t ensure no profiteering from your efforts no matter how well intentioned they may be before embarking on them. That there is vast profit from it, tends to undermine your efforts a great deal.
But since you too seem to be remunerated, albeit via donation, then I think that such a public campaign should be willing to open up its books for public interest purposes. What has been your total donations? Who has donated over £100? What registered charities have donated? How much have you paid yourself over the last year and in total, since the association was formed.
That you have no formal CV or background in road safety, dealing with accidents, driving or prosecution, is yet another worry when you seem to be rewarded for your involvement in such a life and death issue. I find this very serious and will make my feelings known to the respective offices who arrange these things.
Of course you need not answer these questions, but that I have asked you, will be put into the public domain where readers may form their own conclusions from no response. 
Keith Peat
Drivers’ Union

So far, Mr King's only concern was the photo we used as it was (Copy righted) Ok so we've changed it.  It seems he is more interested in his image than actually in good road safety. In fact he's more interested in following a dangerous anti road safety, anti driver, imaginary dog on twitter too. Do read about The Dog and what other luminaries of the Road Safety Money Go Round patronise it on our site at:

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