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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Why drivers shouldn't go to SpecSavers?

Subject: Re: BRAKE get their name associated with many things

They are held in 'high esteem' by profiteers, in this case the spectacle manufacturers, because they provide these companies the PR to make money, not just from the drivers but to the cost of the community too. The companies in turn support Brake in a vicious money go round. See here

The fact is that there's more death from home accidents, so why no eyesight testing for that?

 Look sharp: eyesight and at work drivers. Date: Tuesday 24 January 2012 Venue: Bristol, UK

Brief Description:This workshop is kindly being sponsored by Specsavers. Addressing the risk of poor driver eyesight is a 
crucial aspect of fleet safety policy and procedure. In this workshop delegates will hear from experts on the risks associated with driving and poor eyesight, nd effective strategies to combat this risk such as comprehensive driver eyesight testing. A best practice case study will demonstrate how a company successfully implemented measures to tackle poor driver eyesight. £80 +VAT for Brake subscribers, £90 +VAT for non-subscribers.

To book onto this event click here, or contact Brake on 01484 559909 or

Who should attend:This is an essential event for anyone within the fleet industry.Cost and deadline for booking: Please see website for details Organisers: BrakeEvent

We know that Brake are ideologically anti driver. 'Get drivers from their cars' they say. They have no expertise in road safety or prosecution yet support the prosecution of thousands of perfectly safe drivers and the profiteering from 'speeding'. Companies like Specsavers use Brake to increase their turn-overs as more drivers being compulsory tested and buying spectacles bring in more business. So in one big money go round Brake then are supported financially for their service.

I am all for drivers being able to see well. But who will pay for all these tests and spectacles? Brake? Specsavers? No. The drivers and the community will have to foot the bill. So why?

After 300 billion driver miles a year there's less death on the road from all causes than from accidents in the home, five times less than from NHS failings and mistakes and thirty seven times less than from smoking. So if this were really about community safety and lives why not compulsory eyesight tests for home? Or smoking fags?  

But whilst are supporting Brake, I think drivers shouldn't go to them at all. As it happens, I got my last specs direct on line. It was so easy and much cheaper too.

The planned seminar below, probably to be sponsored by Honda, Toyota or some electric vehicle maker, shows how Brake, are really Eco warriors. And again all this will cost drivers a fortune too.

 Eco-driving:  planning and implementing effective procedures 

Date: 23 September  2014Venue: online webinarBrief

Description:This webinar will provide expert advice on how to plan your eco-driving campaign, implement it effectively and 
measure and report the benefits.

Who should attend:Fleet and HR managers, from  all organisations.

Cost and deadline for booking: Please see website for detailsOrganisers: Brake, the road safety charityEvent

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