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Monday, 3 February 2014

MotorWay Stealth?

I am not overly concerned about the idea of Motorway stealth speed cameras. I drive on the assumption that we are being timed on Motorways anyway, either by SPECs or mobile cameras and drive accordingly. I am far more concerned about inappropriate speed limits and the use of cameras to generate funds at the lower limits and at least there can be no misunderstanding, the Motorway limits are always pretty clear aren't they?

I will be concerned if these cameras are generating more Speed Awareness Courses run by profiteers and will be looking out for what margins of excess are being prosecuted.

Time will tell but for now it's the profiteering courses that bother me as, while they are an option, none of us can have any faith that any of this has anything to do with reducing speeding or accidents.

1 comment:

  1. What I am concerned about that for years motorists seem to have set their own safe limit and it looks like 80-85 is the norm. So lets have a trial on a known safe stretch of motorway and see what happens. I firmly believe that the transport secretary is deliberately keeping the limit down on the pretext of preventing pollution when really they know that if they raise the limit they will loose revenue from the cameras. We all know there will be a small number of drivers who will go well over 80 as they do now with the 70 limit so they will just carry on irrespective of what the limit is, I reckon the majority will stick to 80-85mph which in most dry clear conditions is a speed to hold your attention to driving without getting bored and inattentive that you get at the much lower speed now in force on most roads.