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Friday, 14 February 2014

Unqualified ideologists & profiteers are running our roads for honours too.

Honours & Parliamentary Committees

The first thing you must do is to look at our sister ship Drivers' Union on the subject of Royal Honours for road safety, where the recipients have no qualification, CV or background in this very serious life and death issue which also causes the prosecutions of many thousands of Her Majesty's subjects too, often for great profit or for other ideological agendas. In this instance, Rod King MBE the founder of 20s Plenty For Us. See DfT & anti driver honours 

Now bearing in mind that this is the same award that a long term community spirited person, like a well loved lollipop lady who, in all weathers, wind, snow and rain has diligently and cheerfully seen generations of kiddies and their mums safely across roads, or the similarly cheerful street sweeper and dinner lady who have spent three decades helping people to the extent that their community have put them forward for a thank you, what has Rod done for it? Well basically since 2004 he has taken it upon himself to run a campaign to turn most of our towns in 20 MPH Zones. This of course means lots of profit for the Speeding Industry; Cameras, maintenance, installation, signage, prosecutions, speed awareness courses and so on with of course less money for things we really need like, Hospitals, Nurses, Scanners, police, fire fighters etc. In short he wants to impose 20 Limits to where accidents do not happen instead of focussing on where they do and correcting the problems there. But his campaign and most of his support, is about an ideological anti driver anti car ideal which actually doesn't see the driver as, not only being the mainstay of society, keeping us alive, but actually increasing our life span too. 

Isn't it a coincidence then that Rod, no doubt believing his own nonsense, who is getting so much support when there is so much money to be made from drivers by all sorts of vested interests from his work, is given Royal Recognition? We have already queried other such anti driver awards too. See The road safety vested interests.  But what has come as a great shock to us, although we suspected it, is that it appears that officials of the DfT have revealed that they have been behind the Queen awarding her baubles to profiteers, the unqualified and people who want so many of her subjects put before the beak and even jailed too! Has anyone told her yet?

I will be raising this with MPs.

But now we find that Parliamentary Transport Committees seem to be only hearing unqualified witnesses with vested interests, and hidden agendas on matters road safety and driving too.

The Parliamentary Transport Committee have just sat to hear all about road cycling. It doesn't seem to have occurred to its secretaries that anything to do with road cycling will affect drivers and driving and that independent experts in road safety would be needed to bring a proper perspective to the issue. From what I can gather, now all patting themselves on their backs, the Cycle Lobby, for a minority group, seem to have been given the floor to themselves.

Who spoke for UK's 35 million drivers who are expected to steer around cyclists? No one? The Committee were no doubt led to believe that the AA are a drivers' association and that its media man, Edmund King is representative of drivers. Edmund rejoices in cycling and cyclists so is hardly impartial. In fact he and the AA believe in the prosecution (by many thousands) of perfectly safe drivers and the profiteering from that too. So they fix cars and plumbing and sell insurance and cycling gear, but how does that make them experts in road safety or road driving?  Or for that matter spokesmen for drivers? Was there one single independent non vested interest road safety or driving expert invited to tell this committee the truth about road cycling?


Edmund actually believes and says that there are 'two tribes' on the road and a war going on between cyclist and driver. Yes there are two tribes in the sense that, whereas society needs and depends on its 35 million drivers, it doesn't need cyclists on the road. By failing to acknowledge that simple reality, Edmund not only mischievously foments a war by and in cyclists but does a massive disservice to drivers and road safety itself. See Edmund stirs cyclist's pot and Our comments on his activities hereNo surprise that Edmund King of the AA is currently wallowing in the congratulations of the Cycle Lobby for his contribution 'as a driver' and clearly the Committee fell for it too.

So who did go and speak for drivers on this issue? What was their CV?

My Colleagues and I will now be raising all this because what we have is an honours system and a committee system that is currently the preserve of anti drive ideology and profiteering with no expertise. Any wonder that drivers can now be coerced into accepting guilt on the offer of no judicial process on payment of money to Limited Companies! How much worse can things get?    

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