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Sunday, 10 August 2014

AA President gets bitchy with road safety & driving expert.

The following Twitter comments based on a factual statement by AA's media spokesman to a select committee see the full story here reveal that Edmund King has no patience or time for genuine road safety expertise and is reduced to silly playground rhetoric when faced with it. 
Drivers E. Midlands@EastMidsDrivers
@AAPresident said he wanted to see 'police prosecuting drivers first' 'Let's dish out more £100 fines' He said. - 09 Aug
Edmund King@AAPresident

Oh my, do you have inferiority problems? I sense your shoulder has a large chip on it?

Yes Edmund I do have a massive chip on my shoulder about profiteers in road safety, profiteers from the unnecessary prosecution of many thousands of perfectly safe drivers, public spokesmen with no background in road safety, prosecution and expert road driving, being consulted by select committees on the subject and yes I do have a chip on my shoulder when UK's drivers are not given the respect they earn and deserve. 

If you and the AA don't have a chip about those things too then I advise drivers to join the RAC instead. 


  1. The RAC also support cycling since they ALSO started out with technicians who attended breakdowns by BICYCLE.

    1. The RAC tend to support drivers much more than the AA and their president. The RAC know where most of their income comes from. A point totally lost on AA.