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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Hampshire Police 20 MPH Propaganda

Against this emotive poster, 

Hants (Fleet) Police

posted 'It's 20 for a reason' Well I know from research, interrogation and official responses that it is not for road safety reasons since most of the blanket limits are on streets where accidents simply are not happening. In fact if you go to this item you will see the bogus rationale confirmed. and also look at why any expert driver would prefer drivers focusing on the road in these busy residential congested areas than worrying about a number on a pole and points on their licence. See dangerous 20s and I challenge any expert police driver to disagree with that.

But this poster is appalling in its propaganda and assumption. For a start the figures are entirely speculative theory and not based on fact. But it misses the central point. I wouldn't like to see anyone hit by a ton of metal at 20 MPH; people can die by just falling over and bumping their head. But I would prefer that my child wasn't hit at all by drivers focusing on the street than hit by a driver at 20MPH whose mind is on his speedo in these congested areas. And so it is proving. Accidents in the areas that have adopted 20 zones are on the up, just as I predicted. And Hants police are happy with this? They could be. More money from speed awareness you see!  

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