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Friday, 8 August 2014

The cheek of Chris Boardman

In this story Boardman says it's ridiculous to build roads  He goes on to say that priority should be given to walking and cycling and that there are no 'downsides' to road cycling.

So all these deaths and injuries to road cyclists is imaginary is it? Do see the very latest list of UK fatals here.

Well, selling expensive bicycles he really does have somewhat of a vested interest in all this. I have already noted that he fooled the Transport Select Committee into demanding £10 a head from all of us, some £650,000,000 a year for road cycling - something the vast majority of us have no interest or inclination to do. See it here.

I would suggest that hard work, hard saddles, wet and wind and snow and ice are downsides to road cycling too. Boardman is a like the other peculiar minority of people who jog and thinks everyone else should. If there were no downsides Chris, how come most people don't want to do it?

Another downside is that cyclists delaying and impeding the smooth and efficient speed of essential infrastructure is of course a massive economic downside too.

But priority to cyclists over essential infrastructure? Are these people for real?

It's about time politicians admitted that the upsides to road cycling are far outweighed by the downsides.


  1. I'm sitting here reading a protest about spending more money on walking and cycling infrastructure with a poll next to it it showing people want more money spent on the NHS. Over 4000 pedestrians are killed by vehicles (69,000 are injured) in 2011. Building better cycling and walking infrastructure encourages a healthier lifestyle saving the NHS millions and literally saves lives.

  2. Rubbish. Death from all causes on the roads after 300 billion driver miles is only 1700 and lower than from accidents in the home. There are far safer ways of staying fit and healthy than road cycling and in any case over 90% of the population, including those that have cycled are not interested in it because as a transport mode, apart from avid cyclists and for most of them it is a temporary means, it really isn't fit for purpose. So why should they wish to fork out £10 a head per year?

    Pedestrians have their own dedicated footways and crossings already but just like driving, they are essential for the community. Whereas there is more in common between walkers and drivers- both are essential and drivers walk- cycling isn't at all essential or anything remotely akin to pedestrians. Cyclists love to link themselves with walkers for anti driver agendas but it isn't a reality at all.

    1. "Another downside is that cyclists delaying and impeding the smooth and efficient speed of essential infrastructure is of course a massive economic downside too."

      What a joke - I think you will find that all of the daily jams on the M6, M62, M25 et al are not caused by cyclists but drivers delaying themselves, Have a look at my commuting video - who is slowing things down now? :-))

      How do you and your ilk put up with that every day when there is a much faster alternative? - even walking is faster :-)

      All you and your kind are doing is wasting money, polluting the planet, getting fat and angry and wearing out your engines. :-)))

      I bet you are too scared to put this on your very well designed (snigger) blog thingy that gets SO much positive feedback NOT, even if you are too chicken to have anything other than Like/Interesting/Cool. Where is the "garbage" button? ;-)

    2. But you don't believe that the tiny minority who cycle for work, or all of them could keep this country running do you? Society wasn't built and expanded by cyclists but non man powered fast load bearing long distance transport over 1000s of years. Of course these machines will be involved in all road accidents so why would any sensible person want to mingle with them on two skinny wheels?

      But you are so naive and anti driver. Tell me, single, no kids, lives with mum very near to work? :-)

  3. How come you only have comment choices of "Like/Interesting and Cool"? Why can't we state that we feel your comments are complete garbage, or are you frightened of the truth?

  4. But you are so naive and anti driver. Tell me, single, no kids, lives with mum very near to work?

    Wrong on all counts, I am afraid. I have been married 31 years, have two kids, my mum is dead and I live 12 miles from work. As for being anti driver, my last holiday was a 3500 mile trip by car . Rotterdam - Salzburg - Trieste - Banja Luka - Sarajevo - Mostar - Dubrovnik - Podgorica - Tirana - Durres - Naples - Rome - San Marino - Lake Como - Zurich - Baden Baden - Rotterdam.

    In fact, I have driven to all mainland European countries except Andorra, Belarus and Russia, so I am hardly naive :-)

    As for the danger of driving a car - check this out
    I have a 1 in 697 chance of dying in my car, but 1 in 6598 on my bike, but check out those big killers like heart disease - wow!

  5. But after 300 billion driver miles in UK per year, there's less death on roads from all causes than from accidents in the home. But without drivers and driving we all die so yes there is a plus cost/benefit to it.

    So just like green anti people people you beat yourself up by being an anti driver driver. Cycling is really not viable for most who really would rather not do it. Why on earth should they?

    And on your continental drives did you notice how rare cyclists are on open roads? Do you think these countries could run on cyclists too?

  6. It depends - in the Benelux countries and Scandinavia cycling is very common, especially in Copenhagen, Amsterdam and various German cities. In countries east of Poland/Hungary then cycling is akin to horse driven transport and is less common, but in those countries, driving seems to be very dangerous, with poor driving habits, badly maintained motor vehicles and collisions with trucks and buses being common.

    I felt far more at risk at say mixing it with Russian trucks on Ukrainian A roads in my car than I do cycling around the streets of Hull going to work and there seemed to be plenty of totalled cars every dozen miles or so, just like on speed limit free sections of the autobahn.

    Cycling in the UK is very safe as long as you cycle out of the gutter and make yourself visible with super bright lights. In fact, I had far more accidents as a motorcyclist (aka organ donors) wearing black with car drivers pulling out of junctions than I have had on my bike. And of course, it keeps me fit and healthy.

    All in all, I am better off as a cyclist/driver than I am being just a driver (suffer no traffic jams) and yes, I do wear the correct clothes for cycling except that I wear no plastic/foam hat.