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Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Anti Driver MPs demanding more driver jail again.

Here we go again. Yet another MP with no CV in driving, road safety or prosecution is leading a Bill for more driver incarceration. See the story here.

Driver voters at Nottingham North may wish to remember Graham Allen MP
Graham Allen MP
 when it's time to cast your votes. 

I have already dealt with these illogical calls in detail here

But basically, drivers keep all 65 million of us, our community and our economy alive.

That jail is only a deterrent for a deliberate intended act. No-one deliberately drives dangerously and many drivers, are, after all, only made up of very ordinary simple people of very basic ability and whose driving is inherently dangerous anyway bless them. Ironically it's usually the drivers who think they're the greatest that frighten me most. So do explain how punishment works when an act isn't deliberate or intended.   

Dangerous driving is a matter of subjective opinion, and mostly the opinion of inexpert hostile witnesses. For all other offences of long term of imprisonment, such inexpert opinion isn't allowed in evidence. 

In any case, unless this is motivated by a senseless anti driver mentality, how about perspective on all sorts of human casualty causes? See a perspective here.  

Society cannot have it both ways, where, because we need it, it's expedient to let all sorts of humans to mix and mingle with large infrastructure and then find scapegoats when it goes wrong.  Either ban driving or not but don't allow a scenario then jail people for it when it goes wrong. 

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