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Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Anti driver officials & bogus charities must be stood down.

Here in one blog we link the anti driver officials and charities who have been dominating road safety policy and drivers for years.

Aggressive anti driver policy is an aggression against the whole community. This anti driver aggression is mostly about green ideology and certainly has nothing to do with road safety at all.

There should be no place for anti driver officials, police or charities and they should be identified and stood down.

Here are the links to them and their supporters.

The police chief

DfT & More DfT & More DFT

The vested interests named

Tax break firms supporting anti driver agression

Drivers we must get rid of these anti driver tax break charities, officials, and avoid the firms who support them too.

Only then will we achieve genuine road safety and stop aggressive anti driver policy. 

How this manifests itself in road safety:

This example of a dangerous anti community official must be sacked.

Detective Constable misleads readers,

Police use innocent bereaved to mislead public

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