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Friday, 8 January 2016

Sack this Detective Constable

Here in this story we have a classic example of dishonest road safety officials making confusing and deceiving public comments and the pointless accident investigation industry all in one place.

This driver wasn't charged or convicted of death by speeding was he? So why is the paper and worse still the Detective Constable, trying to pretend this was all about speeding? We explain in detail the relevant accident causes and offences Here

Here the DC has even employed the confusing and unofficial 'Excessive speed' trick to divert from the real accident cause, dangerous driving, to pretend and confuse us that this accident was caused by speeding. What is wrong with just saying it was caused by dangerous driving? Well the police make a lot of money from speeding don't they so they promote it even though it cannot cause accidents. There are only three offences where speed is an issue and they are speeding, careless or dangerous driving and all are adequate to accurately describe the situation. 'Excessive speed' doesn't exist in law so no official should use the term. They persist with it to confuse the public and to mingle speeding with dangerous driving; as in this case.

That's why 'speeding' is wrongly included in the Fatal 4 initiative and careless and dangerous driving, that are fatal, are blatantly and dangerously excluded. See more here

Here is also an example of why we need to dismantle the pointless, costly and lucrative accident investigation branch of the police. Serious collision investigation units Road safety has become a lucrative industry. Here Detective Constable Seamus Burns of East Midlands SCIU has not only proved why we don't need these units, but that he doesn't even know what caused the accident that he investigated or, if he does, he's deliberately misleading the public about it. Either way he needs to be stood down.

If his force is concerned about genuine road safety he will be. Let's see

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