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Friday, 29 January 2016

Cyclist v Driver War is totally irrelevant.

In this story re drivers v cyclists 
we see the classic stunt of pretending a level playing field when discussing cyclists and drivers.

Straight away I will note that here is an example of dear old Edmund King, President of the AA playing his usual game of pretending to be the reasonable face of the UK driver.
Edmund King

Here he says:  "Cyclists are more vulnerable than car users. They have the same rights on the road and drivers should remember they are sharing the road with cyclists."

Here is King being a nice driver when representing cyclists to Parliament and demanding more driver prosecution whilst at it. See him in action here.

And of course here is his vested interests in driver prosecution too. See: he didn't tell the committee this.

How can such an academic and frequent spokesman on road safety and roads issues miss the fundamentals so often and continue to do so even though I regularly remind him of them?

So let's start where the Cambridge News & King, either by ignorance or dishonesty, fail society by not starting at the basics.

There are 35 million drivers without whom society would collapse totally whereas society has no need of cyclists on the road. In fact, there are only two types of road user that society must have and they are walkers and drivers.

Cyclists are indulged by society, and because they are an obstruction and a liability to essential infrastructure, society is at a disadvantage by doing so.

The Greens, most of whom think we should all cycle and walk, and of course the cycle lobby who agree with them, cannot come to terms with this reality. If only the Green Cycle Lobby didn't bang on so much about driving and drivers then there would be no need to point out how irrelevant and unimportant they are. But since this phony cycling v driver war is being promoted by the likes of Cambridge News and King, then surely it is right to get cycling and driving into a realistic perspective.

Cycling really isn't important to society at all. It's certainly nowhere as important as the Cycle Lobby would have it.

It is long overdue that society should expose all the Green journalists and officials as being anti community when they try to diminish drivers to the level of some unneeded lifestyle, mostly recreational pursuit, as they do.

The community depends on its drivers and to undermine drivers is no service to the community. Let's question the motives and politics of any official, journalist or firm who fails to support the community by being overtly or covertly anti driver. See some examples here. 

Perhaps Cambridge drivers could think of buying a different local newspaper for a start. 

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