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Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Here is why we must have rules for speed limits.

The Courier

Here in this Courier story  is encapsulated all the elements of false subjective speed limiting.

The lies to the media. the massive number of perfectly safe drivers being entrapped, the denials that it's about money and so on.

I have written to The Courier as follows:

Hi, re the speeding profiteers.

I am an ex police driving expert working for road safety.

The reason that these prosecutions are not a deterrent is because, most being caught, are not local and  are 1st time offenders. This applies to nearly all the anti driver schemes such as bus lanes, yellow boxes etc.

If a site is generating many offenders, then the site is failing and is probably because the limit is inappropriately set.

If these were accidents and injuries, would the police just pop out with a van to take pictures of it all or get it fixed? So no they are being insincere with you. The Speeding Industry must have speeders to persist and subsist and here is the evidence of it.

We are now using this story to demonstrate why drivers must sign a new petition to reinstate the abandoned, objective 85%tile rule for setting speed limits.  

We must take anti driver ideology and profiteering from speed limits and restore sanity as soon as possible

Sign the petition now: Sign it here 

But we must get 100,000 votes just to get Parliament to even discuss it. There are 35 million drivers affected by this as well as the massive cost of over-slowing UK infrastructure.

Your vote is a great start but sadly isn't just good enough. Tell friends, relatives and associates that they too need to put their name to supporting UK's exploited drivers and opposing dangerous, bogus road safety policy.  

Still not convinced? See the full case  Here

Convinced? Then email associates or FB them or re-Tweet them.  They all depend on drivers.
 Let's aim for a lot more than 100,000 though

Good Luck Drivers.

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