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Tuesday, 3 May 2016

No overtaking these cyclists on a jolly.

A picture paints a 1000 words. There is no overtaking on the approach to the brow of this hill.

So here is a group of cyclists, clearly out on a social jolly, and they quite un-caringly pump up hill in a long line, two abreast. 

We wonder why drivers have no patience with cyclists and indeed why they eventually try to get past them.

Unnecessary hobbyists, worse than caravanners, who at least travel faster and are actually trying to get somewhere. 
Photo published for How Much Do You Know About Riding Uphill?


  1. I see some cyclists out having fun. Without fun, we may as well be dead.

  2. So have fun on railway lines and airport runways. Roads, just like them, are crucial infrastructure and it's about time we recognised them as such. No they're not for messing around on or playing on. Cycle off road or on velodromes.

  3. Interesting that you had to use a foreign image.

    I only drive for leisure, so do I have to hand in my keys too? To reduce your argument to the absurd, there should only be goods and public service vehicles on the roads.

  4. Oh so cyclists here are different? Absurd? No you don't only drive for leisure you drive to get you, others or a load from A to B. But nothing runs without the private motor car. Not goods, public transport, airports, trains, water supplies, NHS, carers, nurses, food supply....Absurd? So why not use railway lines for fun too?

  5. It is entirely possible to have fun on the railways or at airports. Have a look at the marvellous UK Railtours website for a selection of railway excursions, no doubt some hauled by steam, maybe even by the Flying Scotsman or the recently built Tornado locomotive, all on the main GB rail network. Plus go to smaller airports, like Humberside, and you can book yourself in for flying lessons in Cessnas. All using 'crucial' (if you can call Humberside airport crucial...) infrastructure for, essentially, playing on!

  6. Yes but I think you really know the point. Railways wouldn't run with cyclists having fun on the lines & planes wouldn't take off with them messing about on runways. Likewise, Roads are not playgrounds, places to raise money for charity or to hold events on either.

  7. What a sad little life you lead.

    1. Well personal comment of no substance is not addressing the point, and so it's a pointless post really.