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Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Why UK's 35 million drivers should vote leave

In? Or out? What neither side is telling us. 

Voting to leave EU isn't to leave at all

Why?  All a vote to leave will do is to empower and to mandate our UK Parliament to take us out and that's all.

If we vote to leave, there must still be a majority in Parliament to vote for, and support the process, of taking us out of the EU. As it stands, there is not one British party or leadership that supports leaving the EU so we would need a parliamentary party with an outright majority, solely determined to take us from the EU to actually do it. So there is no risk to voting out at all. It doesn't mean that we come out; it would be only a mandate to do so.

So what's the point of voting out then? Well a very big one actually. What we will do is to empower and to authorise all our MPs and our Parliament to take us out of the EU and no matter if we do not leave, the mandate to do so, and the obligation to do so will remain permanently with our elected MPs.

 It will mean that, if the EU want to keep us, and if it is so crucial to the rest of the world, including the USA, that we stay, then they will take the UK, and our demands much more seriously than they do now.

The fact is that we should not be having a referendum at all. If, as according to Cameron, leaving would be utter madness and disaster, then he was elected to govern us for the good not leave such momentous decisions to us mere Proles. 

Let's get this straight. We are only faced with this because Farage and UKIP were already showing how much the UK wanted out and so Cameron thought it a great idea to get on their bandwagon and include it in the Conservative Manifesto for the General Election and by Golly it worked. We could say that, just by having a Conservative Majority Government, they should already be taking us out without passing the buck. We should be asking why a Prime Minister, elected on the basis of a referendum to leave the EU, should then use his office to influence it at all anyway?

But if anyone thinks that, having crawled around Europe with a begging bowl in hand for reasonable concessions and considerations and been given the bum's rush by the EU, they will now treat us better for voting for more of the crap, they need to self admit themselves to The Asylum.  

No. What will happen, as anyone with common sense will understand, is that they will order us to bend over so that they can bum us even more than they have been doing already. That is the scenario that the idiot Cameron has set for us. It's a no brainer.

There's nothing to lose by voting out at all now that The Referendum has been called. What sort of Parliamentarian would not enjoy being empowered by a leave vote? What sort of Briton would be against our Parliament being empowered too? 

So why isn't either side mentioning all of this?

Well the Leave Group fear, wrongly, that being told that 'voting out doesn't mean out' people won't bother to turn out and vote at all.

The Remain Group are so pro EU they wish to frighten us all that, if we vote 'out' on the 23rd June, all of their predictions of doom, the uncertainties of leaving etc all come true on that day. And it isn't true.

The decision on the 23rd June is simple. Do we want to empower our Parliament to achieve much better for us, or do we capitulate for ever to the un-elected EU mandarins on the basis that we are so scared and timid we will accept anything that they do to us?

That's the situation Cameron has placed us in. Of course he was as shocked as anyone to be running a Majority Government. Under a Clegg/Lib.Dem Coalition, he needn't have stuck to his Referendum promise at all. As an independent PM, he's now had to stick by his promise even though he clearly doesn't want it. 

He's even too daft to realise that, if we vote to leave, he can blame the SDP, Labour, Greens, & LibDems for preventing him from seeing it through for us. What a pillock he must be.

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