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Monday, 16 May 2016

Treat Drivers as murderers & Gaol them for life.

Here we go again.

And you think you're never dangerous? You never make mistakes? This would never be you facing Gaol? Well think again

'Treat drivers like murderers. Give them Gaol for life.'

See This Daily Express story

It's no surprise that, a the family of a couple killed after making themselves unnecessary human hazards among big essential machinery, are being cited as calling for longer term for drivers either. Is there any wonder that drivers resent these unneeded liabilities being foisted on them by the very same politicians who want drivers incarcerated for bumping into them. It's bound to happen you know.

I have already, at length, dealt with why this treatment of drivers is irrational, inappropriate, totally unfair and ineffective Here & Here & Here & Especially Here I will not revisit it all here but ask that before anyone dismisses this post, they do read all the arguments I have already posted. 

 Michael Gove
Michael Gove
Image result for heidi allen mp
Heidi Allen MP

Dominic Raab MP 

Will Michael Gove,  The Justice Secretary bother to read all this, before listening to emotive people and anti driver groups with no CV in the subject? 

What about Heidi Allen MP?  and   Dominic Raab? What's their CV? Emotionalism? Is that it? 

What is it about people when they become an MP that they think that their basic instincts are good enough for life & death road safety and gaoling people? So will they now study the matter more? Unlikely but we can always hope.

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