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Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Broadcasters should either support the Nation , shut up, or be closed down.

Brexit, in effect, was a revolution against the Status Quo; a coup. 

Normally, in such situations, the first places the new regime head for, for obvious reasons, are the TV and Radio stations.

Throughout the Referendum Campaign there was no question about the hostility of Sky and BBC against Brexit 

and they certainly played a major part in promoting the anti Brexit scare tactics, and lies and also in blowing up a subjective attack on Nigel Farage et al too. 

They refused to kill the scare tactic of telling the Nation that Brexit means instant Brexit, which certainly scared many people from voting for it. Look here how I pointed out to them, from 25th May, that this was untrue yet they still allowed it to scare people

But their conduct since the vote has been nothing short of sedition and treachery against the British Nation and caused me to point out here, that Lord Haw did less to divide and unsettle the nation to be hanged for it. By the 25th June, the anti British anti democracy media activity was enough for me to say that The Queen should be lending a hand. In this blog I wrote:  To The Queen, 'They are aided by like minded media. Media who should now be ignoring the nasty, bitter bad losers and helping us to move forward in unison and peace. In fact, 'unlike our wartime media, they are actually still favouring anti British anti democratic pro EU propaganda, fostering division and unrest among your people.'

Yet here we are and these media companies are still being allowed unfettered access to The Queen's people and so they are even bolder in their misinformation.

Here is Sky with what can only be described as a piece of blatant and subjective propaganda, promoting the latest invention, 'Soft Brexit' to confuse and divide our nation.

See here how the invented 'Two Tribes' stunt has been employed to change our nation against the majority and against our best interests in the past.  And here it is being used by Sky. 

There can be no  suggestion of balance in this. One doesn't need a degree in auto suggestion to see how blatantly anti Brexit this is.   Most people love a dippy egg with soldiers to dip in them all invitingly laid around a breakfast plate while most see hard boiled eggs as a failure. But the hard version only contains negativity with the word 'No' at every point too. 

It's bad enough when Media are promoting anti Brexit comment against the Nation anyway, but to produce anti national propaganda without censure or control is just not tenable. 

Look up the word 'sedition' and deny that daily media content has not been less.


  1. incitement of discontent or rebellion against a government.
  2. any actionespecially in speech or writingpromoting such discontent orrebellion.
  3. Archaic. rebellious disorder.

If this Nation can stand up against the EU, Sky and the BBC should cause us no problems at all. 

The Queen and her Prime Minister
should tell them, in no uncertain terms, that they should either support and promote the will of the people or keep out of the Brexit debate altogether. But in fairness to her people, it's long overdue that the Queen must step in on what is an important constitutional moment in our history and to insist on Media loyalty and patriotism.  

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