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Wednesday, 19 October 2016

In a revolution the 'Old Guard' are usually first to go.

I have already made the point that Brexit was a vary rare event. A society, having been ruled and governed for many years by undemocratic elitists who have managed to ignore its central most important core, simply because they represent the majority, (  See how they did that here. ), by a dreadful mistake, allowed the ordinary people to make an important decision on UK's freedom and future and the result was a revolution against them. 

Poor David Cameron
 was given the chance to restore their Status Quo, but despite all the stunts, lies, terror factors, manipulation of events, he failed them and has now paid the price. 

Now the Elite are trying every trick to get the serfs back into their compounds. See the evidence here. 

There is currently a case against us, no expense spared, going through the High Courts to put all the power back into the hands of the Ruling Elite, including the ruling MPs, who hate democracy. 

Brexit was a peaceful and legal revolution, set up by the Whole Parliament
 on behalf of The Nation and the question was unequivocal and very clear. See that explained here. A legal challenge to it should not be allowed or tolerated. And yet here we are, with three Judges currently listening to a fallacious and subversive claim against our Leaders to prevent them complying with the instructions of the Nation with all the solemnity and seriousness that our bewigged elite can muster. Why? 

Well because this revolution was peaceful, the Elite, in all its forms, are being allowed to continue their subversive conduct as I have pointed out here. 

But in the French Revolution, all the Elite ruling class, their supporters and their judges were marched off to Madam Guillotine to prevent just such seditious conduct.  

Of course our unelected High Court judges
 cannot claim to be of the people; they're appointees of the Ruling Elite. Judges, acting for the people, wouldn't even allow this case against them to be heard at all, let alone give it traction as they are now doing.
Lord Thomas. Lord Chief Justics
 In effect, the People's Revolution has been handed to the very people it was against in the first place.  

Note:   'Thomas is one of the Founding Members of the European Law Institute, a non-profit organisation that conducts research, makes recommendations and provides practical guidance in the field of European legal development with a goal of enhancing the European legal integration.'  

Should Thomas' European interests exclude him from any part of this decision?

So when the Elite have been allowed to overturn democracy, what next? A proper people's revolution? Civil War? If minority single issue lobbies are allowed, unmolested, to take to the streets with their banners and loud mouths, and change our country to one we don't want too, (See here) what option would be left to over 17 million people? 

It is definitely long over due that The Queen
should now show why we keep her and her family in grandeur. She failed us with Devolution, See here. Does she really want a civil war and a real revolution this time?   Both she and Theresa May
 must protect democracy and the people. They would be given overwhelming support to do so.

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