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Sunday, 2 October 2016

Hard? Soft? Left? Right? Catholic? Protestant? Cyclist? Driver?

Well blow me down. No sooner had I told you all about the trick of inventing an irrelevant second option to create a 'them and us' 'two tribes' scenario to confuse the public and politicians on any given subject, now we're faced with 'Hard and soft' Brexit. See how the trick has already worked to reduce our nation to minority policy here.

There is no Hard or Soft Brexit. There is only Brexit where we have given our Prime Minister and our Parliament immense power- I did query here what true Brit MP could possibly object?-  

Yet here we are. Again a 'two tribes' scenario has been invented to muddy the waters and to give away all of the advantages and power that the UK has created for itself, to get exactly what we want. Why when we are in the Driving Seat? 

One bitter Remain Conservative, Alistair Burt MP,
Alistair Burt MP
 has just been entertained by Sky  -more interested in its USA friends and its free access to EU than for the UK it seems- and allowed Burt to speak utter hogwash to the nation about Brexit. 

He seems to think that firms like Nissan, with their vested interests are more important than the future and freedom of the UK. Neither he nor Sky point out that it's the EU that are insisting on open borders if we are to stay in EU's Single Market. It's the EU that's causing the problems with that, not us. 

Why do we need open borders and EU rules and governance to be able to trade with the EU any more than the USA, Canada, Australia, India, China and so on do? We simply don't. That's what gives us the upper hand in all this. So they charge us tariffs, then we charge them tariffs back. As we import more of their stuff than they ours, they will be the losers and we the winners. It can only be UK haters that abhor our strong position in this.  

People like Burt want us to show our hand prematurely to the opposition too. 'All these firms need to know ASAP' he says. Well next March isn't too long in the context of the re-birth of a nation is it? And from then the firms will have two years to decide their policy. But so far they have been bluffing. I challenge Nissan and Jaguar to move out now or just shut up and wait.

Then, like Tim Farron,
 leader of the Lib Dems, who clearly despises democracy, Burt has convinced himself that Theresa May must bring Brexit back to some Parliamentary vote. On what basis? That's not what they decided or included in the Referendum Act 2015. nor was it ever mentioned during the four month campaign either. 

In fact part of Cameron's fear tactic was, 'Let's not be under any misapprehension. Brexit means Brexit'. He even told us that if we voted for Brexit, Article 50 would be instigated immediately. Had it not been for those remarks, a lot more than 52% would've been happy to vote to leave the EU too.  So no. Article 50 must be submitted by a head of State and that's all. The people have told all MPs, of all parties, that is what must happen and to the best advantage of the UK too. Any MP who cannot take that should stand down. I wrote this on the 22nd June before the vote   Farron, Burt, and other like minded MPs need to show us that they accept its principles or be charged with being anti democratic and anti UK and stand down as parliamentary frauds. 

Theresa May must be resolute and not allow bogus arguments to blur the objective of the people. In fact she should be very tough with her own MPs who attempt to do so too. Brexit was clear and unequivocal.  

However, no matter whatever the issue, let's never allow this invented 'Two Tribes' modus operandi run our nation any more. 

When we compromise between right and wrong, minority lobbies and the real people, the outcome will never be the right outcome. Here are some examples of our country being run for irrelevant tribes on a compromise between right and wrong.

See how UK has changed. Is this how you like it?

And here's Sky using the newly invented 'Soft Brexit' in a blatant piece of auto suggestion propaganda 

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