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Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Left & Right Wing. Who needs them?

Left Wing? Right Wing? A very ancient and old trick that has always worked for irrelevant and angry minorities and most of us fall for it.

It's really simple. Get your minority single issue group, whether right or wrong, to be considered equally as important as what really is valid and important, then every issue can be debated on the incorrect premise of two equal sides. 

For example: Look how much was achieved, by corralling a number of different Christian groups under the obsolete and irrelevant word 'Protestant'. The reality is that the last Protestant died some 500 years ago and of course whereas, Catholicism is a distinct religious faith, Protestantism is merely a Catholic word for all the others who are not Catholic. Thus was created the impression of two tribes, when in reality it was one tribe continually at variance with every one else. It works very well. Basically it elevates a single issue minority to the level of the majority. 

Probably the best and current example of this is the very powerful single issue minority Cycling Lobby and their contrived road war with UK's 35 million drivers. and their 'Two tribes'. On this occasion, here is AA's Edmund King employing the 'Us and them barrier'.
 King cited inflammatory twitter account He loves to foment a fictitious cycle war with this. Here he used it before the Transport Select Committee and they fell for it.

The reality is that whereas all 65 million of us depend on all drivers- society only needs walkers and drivers- cyclists are just a loud unneeded minority. By this ruse - of two tribes-, they have made themselves to appear as big and essential to the community as drivers are. So far that has worked too. 

So clearly it is a common and successful ruse for any lobby to act as if they are a crucial and creditable part of two sides and strangely, we all seem to fall for it.  

Now we have 'Hard or 'Soft' Brexit. They're at it again. See it here.

So what is Left Wing & Right Wing? Who get's to decide who is who? Surely reality isn't about Left & Right but just right & wrong isn't it? Don't we want our lives and society run on the basis of the best policy on any individual issue as opposed to an ideology? 

Like the non Catholics allowed themselves to be labeled with the Catholic word 'Protestant' (Proddy Dog) to their disadvantage, why do we readily accept the Left Wing description of those who disagree with them as being Right Wing? I am not Right Wing at all. 

The reality is that all Left Wingers are not individual original thinkers. They work to a mantra and are totally predictable on any issue. Climate Change, Fracking, animal testing, Nuclear Power, Motor Transport, cycling, nationality, migration, wind power, renewables, defence, drivers, Calais, and so on.

They are incapable of any original thought because all of them, at any age, are stuck in their sixth form adolescence whereas the majority of us grow out of it. 

Often claiming the moral high ground and supported by Church leaders, who seem to think that God expects us all to be mugs to be Christian. 

One of the tricks is to stage demo's, very often where a tiny amount of people can loudly cause maximum disruption, that appears to be representative of far more people than it really is. 

Yes Trafalgar Square or Parliament Square full of people looks a lot when in fact it's only about 0.007% of the Nation.

Media are the worst for promoting minority groups and allowing them as much air time, very often, dependent on the ideology of the presenters and producers, even more time than the majority view. in studio and phone in programs.
Of course zealots of any calling will turn out loudly in overwhelming numbers to state their case, albeit a totally unrepresentative one given the chance, and on the basis of 'two sides' and 'balance' will be handed a totally unrepresentative proportion of public access to jeer, cheer, boo, scream and cajole as is their preference. This isn't balance nor is it democracy either.    

Another common tactic by Left Wing, Green and single issue minority groups, is to invent nasty names and labels when they cannot make a rational case. 'Racist, fascist, sexist, denier' and so on. As a result, we have been running the UK on the basis of not being called silly names. See here. 
Remove silly names from their armory and the Left Wing amount to very little.

There is no opposite to Left Wing, simply because the rest can be infinitely variable and unpredictable on any given issue. Intelligent thinkers are simply not predictable.  So let's kill off this dangerous and unneeded 'Two Tribes' and settle for what's right and wrong. What the majority believe, issue by issue.  And to do that, we must listen to these people most too.

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