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Friday, 9 September 2016

The anti Brits hate clever students, They want a Chav Nation.

The Grammar School row is based on one big lie.

'we will have more of these prestigious institutions “stuffed full of middle class kids”, where they will be afforded every advantage they could wish for, while their less privileged – but in some cases more academically able – peers struggle along hoping to catch a break.'  See the full article. 

Spot the lie in it? 

The unchallenged term that no one questions and everyone accepts even though a myth?  

Even Theresa May falls for it and cites it. Never mind all the socialists who hate wealth and success who state it all the time and it's a lie.

Got it yet?  Well it's 'Middle Class' 

The problem is that every man and his dog no longer see themselves as 'Working Class' A working man and wife with a joint income of £100,000 per annum  are still working class whether they like it or not. 

So it seems we all need a revision of the classes before we discuss Grammar Schools.

Aristocracy: No matter how wealthy you are and how many yachts you may own, an aristocrat comes from birth and is nothing to do with wealth. In fact even to talk of wealth is regarded as classless among them. Some can be very poor or hard up but they belong to this impenetrable club that will see them Ok. 

Middle Class: These are people who have done very well for themselves, multi millionaires and high earners but who actually employ people, have staff and so on. (Household staff counts as employing people.) 

Working Class: Well, as it says on the tin, they go to work, are paid to do so no matter if, as lofty as a company secretary, whether they like it or not, are working class.

So a train driver with an admin clerk wife, in a four bed house and a joint income of £100,000 per year is still working class.

So salary isn't relevant. If you are paid for your work, you are working class.

Most Grammar School students are from hard working class families and it is a socialist lie to say the Grammar Schools are for the rich.

What is being denied by socialists is that there are two working classes.

Type one is the irresponsible chav working class who will piss all they get up the wall and on 55 inch tellys in their rent rebate council homes and care not a jot about their kids; encouraging them to be out of sight out of mind on expensive games machines. 

Type two is the hard working, responsible ones who sacrifice much for their kid's education. Socialists hate people bettering themselves.

But can you believe that they are using school meals as evidence of how few of these 'poor' and 'deprived' are at Grammar by the stat that only 3% of students qualify for free dinners?

Well as our hard working train driver's family didn't qualify and for five years could only afford to send their boys with sandwiches, whilst The State dependent were given free meals, this method of proving that Grammar Schools are full of rich kids, is unfit for use.

So let's kill this myth. Grammar Schools are available to all who care enough and are the domain of the working class.

But what these Common Purpose anti Brits really want is generations of Chav people instead of clever ones. Don't our politicians get it? When you mix disinterested, disruptive, careless hard nuts with genuine learners, you hold back the learners!

Do we really care who's kids get top qualifications to take Britain forward? We bloody well need clever intelligent people not wasters.

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