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Thursday, 15 September 2016

BREXIT We must now build home defence.

I have always been concerned about the ability of an independent UK to defend and protect its interests.

The following is from my post: Brexit what the f..k happened. Here

'We were no longer the Queen of the Seas, with a massive army and air force. I always take a 'bottom line worst case scenario' approach to any decision. So we leave the EU and Spanish Trawlers invade our fishing grounds. What do we do? Do we blow them out of the waters? Where's our Navy to keep Spain out of Gibraltar? Will America still help and support us to keep the Falklands?  Will anyone help us from the Western World? A gun boat defence of our domain takes us to war against the EU and how do we win? Who will aid us? All Farage seemed to talk about was self rule, borders, immigration, trade but not how we defended the independence he sought. '

There is an answer. We are no longer an empire. We don't need an Eastern Fleet, Mediterranean Fleet, Pacific Fleet, Atlantic Fleet and we don't need to be fighting other people's wars so we don't need massive tank armies either.

All we need to protect us, Gibraltar and Falklands, outside of the EU, is a large Home Fleet, enough soldiers and tanks to defend our territory, and increased fighter capacity.
 And we can now afford it. Brexit money and savings from Brexit must be put aside for it.  

We are well on the way to building two new large aircraft carriers so may as well use them as two mobile airbases based in the Channel and North Sea and these can be equipped with new fighters.  

We would be able to add coastal cutters to the existing Frigate and destroyer fleet and retain and maintain attack submarines.
 which can go anywhere as well as some type of sea borne independent nuclear strike capability even if not Trident. This keeps us at the Top Table. 

No more playing the costly World Policeman would also mean that we could focus on our interests too.

So far as the intrusive and encroaching fishing vessels, we would then be powerful enough to seize them and get away with it.

It's no good going independent unless we can protect ourselves. Our forces would no longer be too small, or overstretched, at home and much happier too.

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