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Friday, 16 September 2016

We warned you about the catch-all misuse of fixed penalty & now pro cycling police are using it.

We warned you about the misuse of fixed penalty for anything a driver does on a catch-all basis on a police officer's whim. See it all here & Here

You may recall it was sold to media using populist issues such as lane hogging, tailgating & so on, but these could already have been prosecuted as careless driving if the police believed in their case. FP commits them to no trial, and they are then able to extract a guilty plea by coercion without proving it at court. Never plead guilt to careless driving by FP. Make em prove their case we said.

Now in this Sky News story,  The police are to use this cheating process on behalf of one of their favourite single issue lobby groups, cyclists, again on the basis of subjective nonsense. See here how subjective the issue is: Even the Highway Code Rule makes no sense and more about the issue here.

Sky News who promote killer cycling even turned to the self promoting and cycling profiteer Chris Boardman  to con their viewers on this and he wants all forces to be doing it now. See here. And more of this dangerous fraud here and here

He of course trotted out the old health and obesity mantra when cycling depends on unnatural motion and muscle movement, - we are built for walking, running and swimming- and there are much better and safer ways of getting exercise anyway. Putting people into the path of and mixing with big essential machinery actually kills them believe it or not.

Then the red herring: 'Most cyclists are drivers'. Any driver who wants the prosecution and impeding of drivers, is anti driver. In any case I am a cyclist too like most drivers are. Hasn't Sky got the wit to see through all this?  

 Even Chris cannot explain why we must have cyclists on roads.

Image result for west midlands policeAnd here is Boardman telling cyclists they shouldn't wear helmets because they shouldn't need to.

How on earth can West Midlands Police and Sky even go near this dangerous profiteer?

Here are tweets that show police are now favouring an unneeded anti driver single issue group at the expense of needed road use. 

Well drivers so now you know. There are 35 million drivers and all 65 million people depend on you.
So you must get all this stopped. First passing distance is dependent on many variable factors. You don't have a tape measure so these prosecutions will never stand up at trial. Don't accept the ticket.

Secondly you must unite, have demos, lobby your MPs and use your power.

Now look at these videos to see what your anti driver police are supporting and prosecuting you for and no one asks why we need cyclists out on the road. 

Here having been provided at great cost a dedicated cycle lane at the expense of driver space, cyclists deliberately obstruct drivers as a right.  See it here.   


So here are your average cyclists, out on a jolly, pumping hard and slow up hill, not needed by the community, and taking it upon themselves be two abreast to dominate the road. So who are police going to prosecute and oppress? Essential road users! We must surely all ask the Question: 'Does the community need this?' 

Get a dash cam fitted immediately. Courts need to see the whole picture, not just the selective, distorted cyclist's version of an incident. 

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