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Thursday, 22 September 2016

Why is everything to do with roads, driving & road safety run by women?

Look OK, we can mess around with feminist equality to a point, but not when it comes to driving and road safety.

                 Magnificent Seven

Generally, women are far too emotional when it comes to things like speed, road safety, driving and overtaking and casualties to be objective about it and certainly don't tend to normally involve themselves with anything mechanical or technical either. Those things are usually better understood by what feminists call 'Stale Pale and Male' In a previous blog, see it here, I demonstrate this and how SPAM has been totally excluded from governance too. 

What do these seven women have in common?

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Liz Truss Minister of Justice Lord Chancellor
Amber Rudd Home Sec.
Sara Thornton Chair NPCC
Theresa May. PM Ex Home Sec

Suzette Davenport
Well none of them have any CV or experience in top class driving and yet they are all running UK's roads, drivers and driver justice between them.

Suzette Davenport is not interested in genuine sensible road safety, read more of her here and together with CPS & Alison Saunders brought in a misuse of fixed penalty where, for the first time in its history, was turned from absolute objectivity to a catch all subjective method for police, on a whim, to avoid justice. See here.

Theresa May, now PM but prior to that was Home Secretary in charge of police. See this about her days as Home Secretary here, 
Where single issue anti driver lobby groups thrived and together with Suzette Davenport and Sara Thornton (Head of policing), police have been encouraged to promote single issue minority lobbies at the expense of the majority. 

Louise Ellman, left wing pro cycling chair of Transport Select Committee. Here there is no better example of a naive women being taken advantage of by snake oil salesmen and giving away £650,000,000 per year of taxpayer's cash. And here, under Ellman, her committee ignore honest expert evidence to promote road safety dishonesty.

The problem with women in a male domain is that they are wide open to the Charlatans and frauds. That is why UK supports a multi billion pound profit based road safety industry and much of it is illegal, corrupt and very dangerous.

It won't occur to these women that we now have a Road Traffic Empire, way and above anything we need that is taking so much from police budgets that the police are suffering from it, never mind the money that could be spent saving lives elsewhere like NHS & A&E. Genuine profitless road safety would save more too. See why here. And look at this newly invented international Traffic Association, by our traffic boys, where they can go off on costly bun-fights, to listen to anti driver frauds and profiteers such as Edmund King of the AA for example. (Remember him fooling Louise Ellman's Committee?) Well here is an Example of Edmund making money from fraudulent awareness courses.

Under these naive women, these bogus road safety people have even been getting honours; Like King's OBE for example.

Ok so the case is made. The evidence is indisputable. Roads, Drivers, prosecutions, policing, road safety, is all in the hands of the most unsuitable, vulnerable and naive people society could have chosen.

Saunders, Davenport & Thornton should not be in their posts and policing must go back to represent and reflect what normal ordinary majority would want. Fixed penalty must be restored to its original purpose, confined to the objective & absolute. Most careless driving fixed penalties could not be proven at trial. This was such a gross mistake that those who were behind it must stand down. 

Liz Truss, and Amber Rudd are new enough to be given a chance to kick out all common purpose policy and make roads infrastructure and drivers a priority because we need them. They must listen to experts with no axe to grind.

Ellman needs to stand down. Like all left wingers, she hasn't moved on from adolescent naivety and predictable ideology and is thus not suited for the role. 

Under these women, our 'hard up' police are able to attend expensive anti community conferences too.

See this one.

And this one too.

Theresa must man up. More SPAM in Government please. 

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