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Saturday, 17 September 2016

For the idiots who think they can live without cars.

This ruinous bullying of major infrastructure, 35000000 servants of the community, by a tiny unneeded minority assisted by Metropolitan Elite Common Purpose Police, is against all of us. It must be stopped. The Highways are our arteries not their playground.

The context of my observations is in a scenario where cyclists are demanding more and more very costly changes which can only be a disadvantage to drivers but in addition the cycle lobby is also demanding more punishment and jail time for drivers too. So therefor it is right to enquire two aspects. 

1) If it's that risky and dangerous now, should it continue? That then leads to 2) defining what is essential for the survival of the community and our society as a whole? When you do that you realise that there are only two. 

If we didn't walk we would all perish, so pedestrians are a no brainer. A little more explanation for the next class; drivers.  However the term 'driver' is thousands of years old.  Let's totally dismiss anti driver cycling nut Carlton Reid's, Roads Weren't Built For Cars, as the nonsense propaganda that it is. See it destroyed here. 

Manpower travel simply wasn't good enough so man took to the horse-the predecessor to the motorbike- then chariots, carts, wagons, traps, pony mail, fast stage coaches etc. From those came our bigger societies all built and based on long distance fast heavy haulage and passenger transport. Without it even railways wouldn't exist. From the 50s onwards all this was replaced totally by the more efficient modern fast, load carrying road transport of today. Because that was cheaper, more efficient and readily available, society spread out and expanded. Everything now depends on road transport, including rail & air travel. Less obvious the private car. It is the essential link between public transport but also how the majority of its staff get to their jobs. Out of town shopping precincts to enable once a week big household shopping because women work too and we have freezers. These places depend for their turnover on car users, surrounded by mass free car parks and cheap fuel to encourage it. The NHS staff car parks all full, the water workers, food and power suppliers, without that we all die very soon and they're all dependent on cars. Unless you sleep on a railway platform, cars are the essential link to rail, likewise airports. So we have identified two essential road users.

Cycling however didn't build or ever sustain our society. In fact if all cyclists packed in, the economy and society generally wouldn't collapse at all or hardly notice. Does society depend on cyclists? No! Did it ever? No!

But the road safety record of UK's drivers actually shows how good they are and not how bad they are. Your analogy of archery, is the same as shooting at targets too. But neither are allowed in public are they?

I am continuously pointing out that the evidence is that cyclists are being treated in a patient, sensible manner all the time. But whether you understand it or not, they are a liability to an essential road user and very often don't even acknowledge how much care is being shown to them. 

Drivers being human and very average too, make mistakes and get things wrong. What a cyclist feels too close, is often not close from the drivers' perspective. The cyclist's insecurity is actually his brain telling him 'This is bloody dangerous' and carrying on regardless. Perhaps it's time that we accepted the natural instinct is absolutely right about that and hearkened to the brain.

See anti driver pro cyclist police cheating against drivers.

See evidence of pro-cyclist police ideology. 

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