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Thursday, 22 September 2016

How cyclists put their lives in the hands of strangers.

Just study this video. Narrow road and a cyclist, aware of a truck right behind him, is pumping like mad to keep ahead of the lorry.

There would have been plenty of opportunity for the cyclist to have pulled on to a drive, to get out of its way, as I often did without a thought and in consideration of others, but this type of cyclist doesn't think like that.

What this shows is that cyclists, in a belief in their rights, are prepared to put their lives in the hands of complete strangers in massive machines, with completely diverse mentality and skill, who may be unwell, tired, stressed or distracted, in a way that no right thinking human would normally do.

Of course this activity kills and maims cyclists. 

See what it did to Richard Branson.

How can any politician, police or alleged road safety group encourage road cycling like this unless they are anti driver ideologists or cycling profiteers? 

But this selfish madness would've obstructed this truck driver and his essential load several times a day; and thousands like him too several times a day. So not only are these unneeded human hazards a massive liability for drivers, they are costing our economy millions of pounds too.

Why is this being allowed at all? Society doesn't need cyclists on roads any more than it doesn't need them on railway tracks either. 

Road users must be confined to who we need now and not who wants to be on them anymore. Surely that is basic sense. 

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