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Monday, 17 October 2016

Parliamentary Advisory Council Transport Safety. Don't they sound grand?

Although they sound very important and official, PACTs is nothing more than another self appointed tax relief quango and profitable roads safety charity that Parliament
 takes very seriously for some reason, even though they are really a lobby group for all sorts of road safety profiteers. Get  some idea of what we mean here And here you can see more of the bogus road safety profiteer vested interests too.

One major issue I have always raised in road safety is that it's the only life and death activity, with the addition of mass prosecution, where we allow every Tom Dick and Harry with no CV in the subject such a major say on it all. This opens the door for charlatans, profiteers and ideologists to run major infrastructure to the danger of the public and at massive disadvantage to the economy and community. 

There is no question that this is now how our roads are being run and as a result people are dying who shouldn't be, and many thousands of drivers are being oppressed, harassed and prosecuted who shouldn't be. 

We should have much more efficient and less costly road safety than we currently have and yet there are multi billions being wasted on anti driver ideology; most of which stops not one single accident. 

PACTS are very much the UK leaders in all this. 

They fail to acknowledge undoubted accident and casualty causes that would be cheap to address and yet promote profiteering from non accident causes.

They refuse to acknowledge that without all of UK's drivers, particularly the private car driver, our society and economy would collapse totally and that in their focus on low road casualties, many caused by a refusal to address causes, they ignore that drivers actually keep all 65 million of us alive. 

PACTS have dishonestly compared road casualties with their favoured Rail and Air casualties, ignoring that, unlike roads, planes and trains do not share paths with opposing traffic, animals, and humans mingled in. More importantly, they do not count casualties of road journeys specifically part of a rail or air journey as rail and air casualties. Rail and air journeys start from the home not just from a terminus.  

Here is some more on PACTS.

Now look at this sequence of PACTS Tweets to me on all this. 

So all the evidence, facts, research on these three massive sites is 'Paranoia' according to the bogus road safety profiteers exposed within.

These Tweets prove PACTS' attitude to fact and clear evidence provided on the basis of independent non vested interest expertise. Perhaps you may be able to get your MP to inquire into the activities and objectives of this group.  

1 comment:

  1. Love the articles Keith....
    When will the thirty odd million drivers in the UK realize they are being screwed and screwed very very well. It's high time there was change. How on earth do these various anti car driver organizations get away with what they have done and continue to wrong the driver through blatant lies and misrepresented data.

    The ploy re zero road tax for certain planet saving cars seems to be utter nonsense. Thousands pay inflated car tax so that those who can afford to buy new vehicles pay nowt.......... Am I missing something like the other 30 odd million ! The no road tax brigade still contribute to the wear of the road surface don't they ?????