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Friday, 21 March 2014

Shrill calls for more driver jail from Brake & Direct Line

and their supporters at Direct Line, are after jailing more drivers for

It seems that they have been in collusion with 'various MPs who have been speaking out in Parliament' they say. Oh so, as we pointed out that, Jack Dromey one week at PMQs, followed by Caroline Dinenage the next week, See our open letter to Caroline  obviously slotted in by David Cameron, seemed contrived grand standing on the basis of someone's death and so it now appears that there is an organised head of steam being generated against drivers yet again.

Neither BRAKE or Direct Line are experts in driving, prosecution or sentencing but to poll others just like them, is no way to produce expert answers on sentencing. Basically the blind leading the blind. So are we to determine jail sentences on that basis? I hope not.

Deplorable that uninsured driving and indeed disqualified driving is, neither are a cause of accidents and yet, according to these two, something to be considered in a fatal accident with automatic jail. There is of course the offence of causing death whilst disqualified with a jail option but not causing death because of being disqualified.

They also cite 'speeding' drivers and a driver who was doing 40 in a 30 zone. But we know that speeding causes nothing and most too fast driving occurs below the limits so on Brake's flawed rationale, had the guy been doing 29 MPH and still killed that would've been ok?

Let's get some rational perspectives. After 300 billion driver miles per year in the UK there's less death on the road from all causes than from accidents in the home and five times less than from NHS failure. So why aren't BRAKE, Direct Line and MPs not so interested in those facts? Isn't all death important? Of course but there is vested interest for Direct Line in driver punishment and an ideological anti driver agenda for the amateurs of BRAKE. What other explanation is there?

So from an action where there is only bent metal and no police interest one day, to exactly the same conduct with the unfortunate intervention of human flesh the next, fourteen years inside? Really?

But society, from expediency, encourages and needs this highly dangerous scenario of people mixing and mingling with major infrastructure also with opposing traffic too, and then jails people when it goes wrong! Drivers keep us all alive so we shouldn't be keen on jailing any except in extreme cases.

But what BRAKE and Direct Line don't worry about and their pollees don't seem to know, is that for jailing drivers for long terms, the burden of proof wouldn't be acceptable for murder, robbery, violence or any other long term offences. Do our MPs realise that?

At a time when the liberal elite oppose longer jail sentences generally and indeed are against capital punishment, the very same people are screaming for more driver incarceration. This is mostly about an ideologically based hatred of drivers and nothing else.


  1. It's a shame people are unaware that brake is a lone female not accepting the fact that her child was lost in an accident that could have killed any person of any age, who continues to slate every driver on the roads today. She has no experience of road traffic law or is an expert on anything except being very vocal on the death of a single person. Direct line are an insurance company again with no experience of traffic accident cause, they just profit from the same.

  2. Simon I have accidentily rejected your other post re Europe cycling. I will recover and post it. K