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Sunday, 23 March 2014

Why was this driver arrested when unfit to comment?

Depriving a person of their liberty always was and still is a very serious matter. There should never be routine speculative arresting at all.

Keith Peat 2014.

See story here. Now in this later report the driver had also been arrested for being over the limit. Updated story. That arrest is totally valid, but why also on suspicion of dangerous driving too at this stage?

Why are drivers routinely arrested after these terrible events when they too are in shock and unfit to answer? And why this one?

Robbers, murderers, burglars aren't arrested on mere suspicion but when a considerable amount of evidence is already established. Arrest of drivers can always come later but do we really think they are in the best state to comment? It's the police working to their own convenience and the likelihood of getting an incriminating comment. This driver faces jail for his comments.

In this story a man was Kept in custody and then it wasn't the diver! Clearly proving the police are just trawling for evidence

Any lawyer would advise drivers to only satisfy their identity and refuse to comment further under these circumstances. Police cannot continue to hold drivers once identity is confirmed.

Society condones this highly dangerous scenario then looks for scapegoats when it goes wrong.

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