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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

UK drivers boxed in?

'There is no need for drivers to just accept the bullying and oppression if they unite with the intention to change things. Not only are they the largest single issue group but without drivers, our society would collapse too.'

Green anti driver ideologists in an unholy alliance with the profiteers of the road safety industry to screw drivers?

Far fetched? A conspiracy theory?  It would be more far fetched and unrealistic to not believe in it wouldn't it?

Just look at all the anti driver vested interests that we have identified, mostly lobby groups based on a green agenda all calling for the curtailing, hampering, slowing, prosecution of drivers including more reasons to jail drivers and for longer too. See  The vested interests. and Brake & Direct Line and An example of charity money

Now look at some companies who, the driver being their bread and butter, should be supporting drivers. See Firms to avoid but add to all this the motor industry itself. 

We tried to alert drivers to the 22 new reasons to take their cars off the roads See it here, none listened to us but the motor industry rubbed its hands in glee. If government insisted we have parachutes fitted to our cars, why would the motor industry object to a new profit stream?

60 MPH motorways, not for accidents but environment and the same with zoning whole areas at twenty. Again not where accidents are happening but purely for environment. So drivers are now to be prosecuted for not being green enough not for being at all dangerous.

Look at the money grabbing anti driver councils. Parking & Yellow boxes.

All this anti driver activity is either for profit or ideology and we have now established links with honours and awards being given to anti driver green lobbyists simply because their activities provide more business for the profiteers. See what hope for profitless road safety? and See about the honours and Here the DfT reveal their honours promotions.

So now do you believe that concerted anti driver conspiracy is just a theory?

What our work is revealing is that UK's 35 million drivers are on their own.  Between the green anti driver movement on the one hand and the motor industry, and the road safety and speeding industry too. It's big. Very big but 35 million is a lot of people and a very large voting bloc and in addition the whole population and its industries depend on drivers too.

There is no need for drivers to just accept the bullying, oppression and profiteering if they unite with the intention to change things. Not only are they the largest single issue group but without drivers, our society would collapse too.

So let's start changing things. Avoid firms and associations that don't put drivers first in all things.
For example what has Fair Fuel Uk achieved for drivers so far? Since they were formed fuel costs have steadily risen haven't they? But they could support drivers in so many other ways. The Tax Payers Alliance?
Where are they on the issues that affect UK's biggest tax paying group when it comes to driver treatment?

One way to start making a change is to register for free with Drivers' Union but also follow us on Twitter @DriverUnion and @EastMidsDrivers . Get others to do so and re-tweet our posts.

Watch out for any demos and initiatives that you can be involved with. Is your driving important to you? It is? Then help us to make it easier, less of a worry, less of a risk and safer for all. 

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