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Saturday, 7 June 2014

50,000 Lincolnshire speeding tickets in 2013

In this story more than 50,000 speeding tickets were issued in 2013 in Lincolnshire, 600 up on the previous year and 21551 were coerced into Speed Awareness Courses that never tell the truth  but brought in some £1,939590 for the vested interests of speeding in Lincolnshire. 

"The simple maths is: reduce the speed, reduce the severity of a collision that occurs.' Says John Siddle of Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership. Read John Siddle's simplistic rationale 

Oh well John why not have no speed at all?Road Safety Nirvana but killing everyone from the resulting economic collapse. But who says the limits are correct and appropriate John? And that there are no entrapment style enticement sites that cause speeding that can be cured? Oh so let us be simplistic and ask if 'speeding' causes accidents, where were the accompanying 50,000 accidents to go with these speeders?

Most accidents are below the limits anyway and that is because it isn't 'speeding' that causes them but driving too fast at any speed. So instead of mitigating the results of accidents after they have occurred, as John suggests, how about focusing more on what actually causes them? Ok so there won't be any money and income from that but at least it will be genuine road safety unlike John Siddle's version of it.  


  1. I must be lucky because I never got done for exceeding the speed limit even when the speedo cables snapped on my motorbike

  2. Instead of constanly whinging about speed enforcement and people being caught, how about obeying the law and simply drive within the legal limits? I doubt you would decide to ignore the Theft Act and choose to steal, so why do you feel free to choose to ignore this law? "Entrapment" is about as ridiculous as it gets ... drivers have a choice about how fast they drive a car and if they are incapable of controlling their vehicle so as to omply with the legal limits or chose to ignore then the rest of us have. a right not to be endangered by the.actions of those people. Let's just ban them from diving .... to borrow a phrase ... simples!

    1. Oh right and if these were 50,000 accidents, you would be happy with police not curing the problem but just taking pictures of them? So you agree with inappropriate limits and layout and layout issues that actually entice and create 'speeding'? Do you think all these drivers were being naughty and disobedient? Oh how the very lucrative Speeding Industry will love you.

      Speeding isn't the issue it's driving too fast that causes crashes and that happens mostly below the limits. Now if you're not just being anti driver and pro profiteer, you will admit you are able to learn something new. These high volume sites are enticement sites that's how they work. When a council area plans it's budget on at least 18000 a year, when two firms are running 6000 courses a month in Wales alone, it's all about keeping speeding going. At 50,000 clearly the policy is failing if it's about no speeding isn't it?

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