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Monday, 30 June 2014

PACTS not satisfied with casualty results.....again

See the PACTS strongly worded statement here

 PACTS are a private lobby group loaded with vested interested profiteers and intent on curtailing road transport while the vested interests make money from fake road safety. We can have road safety Nirvana. Just stop all driving and bingo, but then we would all die from lack of basics soon after. No the secret is for cost/benefit road safety where we are not killing more people from the economics of overs-lowing and hampering a major infrastructure and feeding a multi billion road safety industry. Death by accidents in the home are more than from any cause on the roads. From NHS failings about 6 times more and so on. So what is PACTS, Road Safe, 20s Plenty, Brake and the many others for? An insatiable industry where even zero deaths wouldn't be good enough.

If this report is correct then perhaps at long last our warnings to the politicians are getting through.

But who is David Davies? What is his expertise in all this?

And who is Road Safety GB? The vested interests. More on RSGB Here
Not the same rag bag of amateur profiteers and ideologists as all the others surely. See The vested interests of road safety

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