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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Where's the story gone Evening Standard?

Did the Evening Standard, pro cycling, take this page down?A message informed readers it had and a search of the site only produced other versions and tributes to the story
Family of cyclist killed at Vauxhall gyratory begged him not to use 'nastiest' junction

Their site covers the tributes to this rider but although searches find  a 'nastiest gyratory', was nothing about these family comments so they appeared to have been removed.  
'The family of a cyclist killed on London's “nastiest” junction today told how they pleaded with him not to use the notorious stretch just weeks before his ...'
As we keep noting, too many cyclists believe their rights are some kind of guarantee of safety.

Just look at the Elephant & Castle gyratory system. Not a million miles from this one. see and why they're so naive. No chance of simply walking round them or using subways is there? 'Nah it's my right you see'. And as we say, St Peter welcomes them through his pearly gates cos they're innocent.
Even if the Evening Standard won't accept any responsibility, I certainly see it for me to keep up the warnings, often unheeded and often abused for it too by the followers of @KeithPeatsDog and such. .


  1. A quick search of evening standard and cyclist finds the story also I've noticed that you've failed to mention that the driver wasn't arrested at the scene

    1. I have now altered the page thanks. It wasn't there originally and I also searched the site and it wasn't there. Of course I don't mention when drivers are not arrested but always question when they are and so should we all unless caught committing an arrestable offence and that is why we test for drink at the scene.