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Friday, 12 August 2016

Over-sized, costly, unneeded tunnel vision Traffic Police

Death on the road from all causes is about 1800-2500 per year after about 300,000,000,000 driver miles. Compared to:

From NHS Failing 17000  Seventeen thousand
 From Smoking 112000  One hundred and twelve thousand.  Do we jail tobacconists? 
Prostate Cancer 10000 Ten thousand 
Breast Cancer 12000   Twelve thousand 
From NHS Thirst over 30,000  Thirty thousand. 
& From accidents in the home 4000 four thousand.

There are more deaths from strangulation, more from hanging and more from self harm than from any cause on the road.

So, that being the case, why is there so much of the Police Budget devoted to harassing, oppressing and prosecuting drivers?   

Although accident investigation seems justified, in fact it isn't cost effective and achieves very little, if anything. See does it kill more than it saves? You will see that even a Traffic Chief Inspector has no idea what these very costly, time consuming and killer road closures achieve. 

Then of course none of the technical and very costly kit the police use, 'to save life' they tell us, is donated or even supplied just at cost. 

See for example the new Drug Driving Kits Since these were introduced, many thousands of police hours and driver time has been lost on a massive witch-hunt; bearing in mind that if the total road death was less than 2000, death solely by drug or drink driving can only be in the lower three figures. How many more lives could be saved if all this cost was in the NHS, A & E or Emergency services.

To have some idea of what The Police are spending money on, just take TISPOL for example. A European Association of Traffic Police, run from the UK of course.
 Here is an example of one of their costly, all expenses paid conventions,  where they all  reiterate and salivate over bogus stats, polls and myths, in their pious way, while quaffing in bars, stuffing their faces all at our expense. Ching Ching.

Remember this is about less than 2000 deaths a year after 300 billion miles. How on earth can The Police afford all this?

When a police department is allowed to run away with itself it has to be inevitably to the cost of the rest of the Service. That is why I raised all aspects of road policing with the NPCC Head of Road Policing Suzette Davenport, who has no special qualification in roads policing, with a view to getting the ladies of the NPCC to see sense. So far the NPCC seems not to be interested in road safety or cost effective policing either. See the letter here.

It's worrying that our livelihoods on matters road safety are in the hands of three women. The Home Secretary, Amber Rudd MP,
Sara Thornton
Chair of NPCC Sara Thornton, Chief Constable, and Suzette Davenport Chief Constable (Roads Policing)  If none of these three are experts in roads policing, then they and UK's 35 million drivers, on whom all society depends, are at the mercy of profiteers, charlatans and self interests. We have now established the fraud & dishonesty of today's road policing
Suzette Davenport

Who is going to start dismantling this massive police White Elephant, and replacing it with much smaller and genuine traffic police units, from local bases, who will treat drivers as an essential resource instead of an enemy of The State?

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