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Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Give em 8 inches & millions of NHS Pounds isn't too big for them.

I am not anti cyclists because I am pro driver, pro common sense and pro obvious and genuine road safety policy. It's only because of a  contrived bogus 'two tribes' war, to the advantage of a very aggressive Cycle Lobby, that I am counted as a major enemy of cycling.

This is the problem with all single issue minority lobbies; they aggressively use their cause as a weapon. Reasonable, proportionate accommodation is never enough. Give em a yard they want a mile.

 It's at this point that these groups should be given a firm and polite 'NO'. But they never are. This is explained here how our country has been run for at least thirty years.

Another such aggressive and angry lobby is the Homosexual Lobby. Kindness, equality, love, friendship, acceptance was never ever going to be enough was it! No, they use their cause as a weapon against the rest of us to change our whole society, our community our laws, in favour of activities that repulse most of us yet are still prepared to tolerate, providing it isn't thrust into our faces. 

Almost daily a new bold challenge is thrust at us. Gay Marriage, a baker's right to say 'no', soap operas with their mandatory men kissing men,  at tea time to brainwash our kids, that it's normal and police selectively flying Gay flags and painting their vehicles for them.  See more on police promoting single issue groups

So now let's look at the very latest and extremely worrying example of a selfish single issue lobby demand that will close down our NHS for us all unless someone sees sense; the legal action on behalf of the homosexual community to be prescribed, as a right, a new wonder drug to stop HIV being transmitted at £400 per person per month, for what is called 'vulnerable groups'. That's about £5000 per year just so that these people can have free sex.  

Can you believe that our NHS has had to use our money to defend this and lost! They now have to go to appeal at great cost. See the story here where even in that, the 'Me Me Me' attitude of the lobby seems to be the only justification. 

Just like the Cycle Lobby demands, they always pick their starting position thus avoiding the simple and fair question 'Why must we have road cycling?' With this issue we must ask 'Why are they vulnerable?' 'Why must there be irresponsible casual sex?' Well of course if you don't take precautions, wear condoms, use brand new sterile needles and play around, then they do make themselves vulnerable. After all, sex isn't forced on people. So let's start there please.

The fact is that, unlike Cancer, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and Multiple Sclerosis, HIV can easily be avoided without any drugs at all. Don't have sex or if you do, not with strangers, or if you do, use protection. 

I listened carefully to the NAT justification for this outside The Royal Courts of Justice.

It was basically about Condoms being 'Not good enough'. In other words, because people failed to use them whereas the new drug was fail safe. Er except if people fail to take them too that is. 

But the biggest lie is to totally minimise the cost to the Nation and our NHS to make this seem cost effective. They are saying that it is cheaper, at £5000 a year over a 72 year life span, to give this pill than to treat an HIV victim for life. A mere £360000 per 'Vulnerable' person. So how many are we talking about then? 10,000? So some £360,00000000 from our NHS over a lifetime? Well no. The fact is that Homosexuals don't have a monopoly on the word 'vulnerable'. Every healthy unattached free man and woman is also vulnerable to aids too so why should only homosexuals be preferred for this drug? Why wouldn't almost all adults have a case too? So the potential cost would be infinite. It would soon close our NHS. 

But does this drug also stop Gonorrhea, Syphilis or Chlamydia? If not then it would be dangerous to divert from all the protective measures already advised and needed. We could be creating even more problems for the NHS.

Don't tell me that all our homosexual Noble Lords, judges and MPs are brainless. If not they are being selfish and dishonest just as lobby groups always are. 

How much more do I need to point out that #Brexit was a revolt against all the wrongs in our society? 

Not only is this a fight for all our 35 million drivers, but our NHS too.

Please don't just read these blogs and leave it to others. Get on to your MPs and Press. Let's start to get our country back by saving the NHS. 

By the way, here is the police policy on hate crime: 

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