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Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Tweeting exposes today's anti driver single issue lobby police.

There can be no better insight into police policy and thinking than when they expose themselves in un edited, uncontrolled Tweeting at all levels.

Because we now have a police service dominated by the UK Metropolitan Elite, See who is running the police. all police are now encouraged to communicate and be available to all media on a one to one basis, so that we now have police TV stars from all forces and police competing in their own top police Twitter awards. 

Now it may seem right to this new breed of management to market the police as if it is some sort of business and speak to the people at their level on their medium but it isn't. 

The police isn't a 'ya right on' popularity contest to be marketed like a business; it's there to do a nasty job. 'A policeman's lot is not a happy one' wasn't written as some figment of someone's imagination. 

As a result of this new unrepresentative police leadership, we now have police more interested in supporting illogical single issue lobby groups and minorities than the community as a whole. 

Not only is all this uncontrolled Tweety, Nicy, Selfy, silly piccie policing costing us all from the police budget and is certainly not policing but it exposes officers at all levels, not only revealing their mindset, but how silly they can be. That's why in The Real Police, see before all this happened, everything a commander published had been carefully vetted and considered and no-one else could say or write anything public without permission. 

It's from such Tweets that I found out about this minority single issue lobby group within the police that we are paying for. How can police claim they're hard up, then maintain divisive single issue police groups like LGBT? This is your modern happy clappy policing under the NPCC Basically, as I have published, see this is no country for Stale, Pale, Male and his wife

The modern police, under the current NPCC, are just a microcosm of how the UK is now run. Unfortunately, hidden behind most ideology is dishonesty too. It's really not about Left Wings and Right Wings, - that's just as contrived as other controlling myths such as 'Speed Kills' 'Living Streets' 'Sharing' 'It's 30 for a reason' - no there is only right and wrong about any issue. 

All  Left people have one thing in common, they are all still stuck in naive adolescence where unfortunately, no matter what their academic title, Doctor, or Professor, they are stuck in their unreal immature world but to reconcile their nonsense, they must lie and cheat and at some point label their critics with name calling and marginalisation. 

Nowhere is this phenomenon more apparent than in policing and road safety issues. Against genuine and relevant road safety is the green anti driver ideologists, over promoted with public funding in far too many bogus charities and the mercenary profiteers feeding from them. See the vested interests here.  

But the worst of all is the  costly Traffic Policing Empire who are not only dishonest but actually operate against community interests.

No better example of police marketing themselves locally than working with local Nimby Speed Watch vigilantes, See more here  and see how police twist complaints of dangerous drivers to justify it here.

What the following tweets reveal is that police are more interested in impeding major roads infrastructure, against the needs of the community, than supporting road safety, The Community and drivers. They actively promote unneeded human and animal hazards in the road for pure recreation (Here in rural Lincolnshire, the only cyclists we see are out on a jolly) than genuine road safety. They also think that Tractors and agriculture are the only essential motorised road users who must be considered. Roads are not about a 'Pace of life'; all motor transport on the roads is there for essential reasons. 

What this series of tweets confirms is that we do have an anti driver anti genuine road safety Traffic Police Empire. 

Here you will see one high volume Tweeter, a costly Traffic Chief Inspector, revealing that one of his ambitions is to win a police tweeting award. Can you believe what traffic policing has come to? 

See Here's why we must disband the massive, self promoting, traffic police empire.  

So tractor drivers ignoring large tailbacks causing overtake dangers isn't driving without due care then?  Roads are not about a pace of life but about people trying to get things done..

At no time can traffic police tell us why we must have exposed people in the road. It's not like kiddies 'sharing', sweeties, cakes and footballs. See: Roads are major infrastructure not playgrounds. 

This tweet from the same Traffic Chief connects him to support of another divisive single issue police lobby group.

A classic example of not only police supporting unneeded hazards against drivers and road safety, but joining in the fun themselves. 

Horse riding on roads is now pure recreation and contrary to safety. Why do police promote it?

If the horse is nervous in traffic, why force it to be on the road? Wouldn't that be better advice from the Northants Police? 
Oh dear. This is what happens with uncontrolled police tweeting. 

See how we have been running Britain on the basis that all policy must be nice. 

Look all we want is police being police instead of tweeting and telling us how nice they are. Policing was never about being nice.  

1 comment:

  1. I've noticed this over the last decade or so.
    The more touchy feely the police get,the more the law abiding general public lose respect for them.
    And as for the minority groups and criminals who the Police are now trying to please.
    They still hate the Police and will throw a brick or bottle at them given half a chance.
    If the purpose of the left wing common purpose was to make the Police despised by everyone and not just the usual suspects then they have achieved their goal.