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Saturday, 30 July 2016

So here is our paid road safety industry being dangerous.

'Gloucestershire Road Safety Partnership; working together to reduce collisions and casualties on Gloucestershire's roads, & to teach road safety skills for life'

This tweet was posted by Gloucestershire Road Safety Partnership. It is extremely dangerous and wrong. 

But Road Safety Wales were at it too.  
'Road Safety Wales is a partnership between the 22 Welsh Local Authorities, the Welsh Emergency Services, GoSafe, The Welsh Government and RoSPA.'

Well it's telling you that it's unsafe to overtake because of 'Double White Lines' isn't it?

Apart from not specifying 'continuous' white lines, it means that there would be no danger if there were a continuous white line on your side, nearest to you, and a broken white line on the other side further from you then?

I tweeted this to try to repair the damage.

And here.

How didn't anyone in two paid and costly road safety groups spot this before publication?

Road Safety Wales are promoting something called #Fatal5 too, See more on that here. Even though it sneakily keeps 'speed' in instead of dangerous driving which is what too fast is. This helps their 'speeding' revenue.  

Please RT this and distribute this urgently before it causes a terrible accident. 

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