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Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Cyclist crashes into a parked car and dies. What's to investigate?

Look at this story about yet another cycling death. 

Apart from the proof that cycling speed and style is the major factor in cycling death and injury, it also highlights the amount of money police are costing us in grubbing around needlessly, investigating accidents, when we need them elsewhere.

The police preoccupation with roads and accidents is totally out of proportion and all perspective. See Accident investigation. Does it kill more than it saves?

I have raised all this with Suzette Davenport, head of roads policing see more of that here 
but Suzette isn't interested in good value genuine road safety police and is more interested in promoting single issue lobby causes than proper policing. Hopefully Brexit means an end to all that nonsense. 


  1. I'm struggling to see how Brexit has any relevance to this Keith.

    1. Brexit was a protest about all things wrong in our society, including corrupt & profiteering roads policing. Only 17 million caused Brexit but there are 35 million drivers. Most unrest was from within. No point in Brexit unless we clear up the issues at home too. Starting with NPCC. Acpo Ltd was closed because it was corrupt. NPCC are just idealogically anti driver. Brexit means change at home too or else it would be pointless.