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Thursday, 7 July 2016

Get the serfs and common people back into their cages fast.

Catalogue of events:

Before the vote on the 23 June, not knowing that the result would be to leave the EU, I wrote of a united Britain to move forward together to make The Nation's choice work and be a success.  Here it is.

I am so shocked, despite my appeal, that since then, the reverse happened immediately. So I had to write this on the 24th

What was worse, that during the Referendum campaign, there was misinformation and fear being promoted by the the Remain group, led by our Prime Minister
 and Chancellor of the Exchequer no less, who unlike the other side, should've shunned any dirty tricks and mendacity and they were aided by Media too. I was forced to respond to biased broadcasting and presentation of vague predictions in the form of fact.  

Let's remind ourselves of the advantages Remain gave themselves.

For a start they used civil servants for a month of unofficial campaigning before it became illegal, including £9000,000 on a pamphlet at our expense. Remember?

They included Gibraltar, who would predictably vote to remain to a man.

They included fifteen years of ex pats who love Britain so much they'd left it, but still like to have their cake and eat it and were bound to be Remain.

Then realising the young, with no experience of democracy outside of the EU, bringing up a family  running a home and easier to scare about the their 'unknown' may not turn out to vote at all, so what did they do? They wickedly divided them from their elders who love them, in favour of trusting a whole load of alien old people in Europe instead!  This divisive ageism was unforgivable. See this example of it. 

They ran a last minute media campaign on the 9th June  to get the dilatory and unworthy people, who'd already had four months to register by computer, by midnight that day. And so the Server crashed two hours before midnight. So the irresponsible dilatory, including many who hadn't bothered at all, were given another 48 hours to boost the Remain cause. Here's what should've happened.  

They told the biggest of all lies in their biggest threat to the people. 'LEAVE MEANS LEAVE' Cameron told us 'I will start the process immediately'. I constantly appealed to Media to challenge the lie but they were complicit in it too. See for yourselves

We all went to the polls, including the Scots and Northern Irish and all the Remain supporters and despite all the lies, the stunts, the voters who shouldn't have been polled, the Country still voted 52% to leave. 

Since then there has been a consistent attempt to reverse democracy, stir up unrest and division and official actions to make the fear predictions a reality by undermining our currency and stability.  See Lord Haw Haw was hanged for less. 

So having frightened thousands of Brexit voters into doubt and regret, they then call to re - run the whole thing on the basis of their own construction. While at the same time   Parliament has been running an anti Parliament Referendum petition and refuses to take this divisive challenge to democracy down!     

So we can see what has been going on. The bureaucratic ruling Aristocrats have realised that if they don't ruin all this, they will never get the Little People back into their pens where they like them to be.  

Now we're being challenged with legal action at our expense. See here and Here on totally fallacious arguments.   

The foregoing is an undeniable record of events so far. Can anyone doubt how desperate the profiteers, undemocratic and Britain haters, are to get us back into the EU and into their serfdom as soon as possible? 

What I find incredible is that the Left Wing Socialists hate Britain so much, that they too prefer the people to be subjugated in this way as well. Jeremy Corbyn and his party have weighed in against the common people to the extent that, they have broken apart, not on the basis of 'In or out' but that Jeremy didn't do enough to keep its people ruled by the alien and unelected of the EU. The one chance that Labour had to free the people, and they blew it. 

Who really is behind the post Brexit breakout of racialist activity? Brexit have won. They're not the angry and bitter ones. Why would they be raining on their own parade? Yet we are being encouraged to assume that some Brexit inspired Fasicm is now at work. 

Enter Theresa May. Theresa May represents the very rotten edifice of all that, not only took us into the EU, but kept us there too. See Britain Under Theresa 

Fact is that, if The Conservatives make her Prime Minister and she doesn't take us from the EU to our best advantage, and doesn't reverse all the other anti community common purpose policy that has caused all this, they'll not only be thrown out in 2020, but having shown that they aren't a party of the People at all, they will never return to power again.  

Great Britain Under Theresa isn't just a fear factor or a prediction. 
A picture speaks a thousand words

They still don't get it! 

When people said 'they want their country back' it wasn't just from the EU but from all the silly common purpose idealism of Metropolitan Elitism that they do not associate with at all.

With Brexit Theresa May became Yesterday's Woman.

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